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Working In Collaboration

  1. YouthHealth USA considers collaboration with other organizations highly desirable as a factor in creating positive opportunities and outcomes for young people, and thereby leading the development of innovative strategies that enable them to reach their potential and participate fully in society.
  2. YouthHealth USA seeks to channel this collaboration, where practicable, through appropriate existing structures already operating in the community.
  3. Where appropriate, YouthHealth USA may enter into an arrangement with associated organizations to assist them by jointly managing a project. Each such operation may have their own consultants, community links, funding and publicity campaigns, and all that contributes to a successful venture. Some will have their own project patrons.
  4. In some cases, YouthHealth USA may enter into formal partnerships for the long-term implementation of major projects. The partners jointly manage the project during the period of the agreement. This allows for maximum mobility and flexibility in an ever-changing environment, and avoids ponderous decision-making machinery in market-based funding ventures. Our model combines the checks and balances needed together with optimum efficiency.


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