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A Word From Ron Phillips

With a sense of awe I write this note of introduction.

The work I created in America is now developed and refined to the level that I can with great enthusiasm endorse its return to the United States. I never imagined the development would take thirteen years. That's a really long time; however Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention is now ready for re-introduction.

In January 1991 Mary and I brought our three girls to New Zealand for a one-year working holiday. We had reached a point in our careers where we needed to slow down and reprioritize. We went boldly forth, not knowing anyone in New Zealand and really not knowing much about the country itself other than it was clean, green and English was spoken. Our naivety made the whole exercise interesting. We moved to the Bay of Islands in the far north of the North Island. That 'one-year' extended to thirteen well spent years living and working in an incredible place.

I developed the Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention process at the residential group home my wife founded in California. However, I did not truly understand the depth, scope and power of TSI until I started using it in New Zealand. The growth of Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention has been phenomenal; from a slow use to begin with to the present where its used in clinics, schools, prisons, youth groups and untold numbers of families across New Zealand. The New Zealand Police/D.A.R.E Foundation uses it as a major intervention program they called Dare to Make Change. It is also an intervention of choice at Middlemore Hospital, New Zealand's largest hospital, in their 'Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service'. The books and materials have been read by literally thousands of children and adults across this country.

TSI is a proven process. In fact it is a healing journey that has demonstrated its curative effect on readers and listeners. TSI, and the numerous materials that are part of it, are ready to be brought home to the USA, and I am really ready to be part of this event



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