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What Are We Doing For Young Americans?

1. What is our primary goal?

First and foremost we aim to help young Americans be healthy and successful in all their endeavors. We achieve this by making quality programs and resources widely available.

For more info read: Our Goal – Healthy Young People

2. What are the professional criteria which underpin our program and resource development?

Our Board of Consultants maintain oversight of a set of standards and criteria which apply to all our work.

For more info read: Principles of Implementation

3. What is our current major initiative?

We are proud to be associated with Ron Phillips and his outstanding program – “Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention™, or TSI™ for short.

For more info read: A Word From Ron Phillips and Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention – What Is It?

4. Why have we chosen to support TSI so vigorously?

As an organization, we comprise individuals who are well-bedded in American Society with all its amazing wonders as well as its challenges. After a long, hard look at the main problems our youth and young adults are facing, we chose TSI as most likely to help them make the most of their lives as well as help our country take its rightful place in world affairs.

For more info read: TSI – How Does It Help So Many People?

5. In what aspects of day-to-day living can TSI help meet people’s needs?

The principles of TSI can be applied in a wide variety of professional contexts by trained therapists, teachers, and social workers.

For more info read: Professional Applications of TSI

6. What academic research is there to demonstrate the success of TSI?

The most recently published research data appeared in “Eisteach”, the prestigious Quarterly Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy – Winter 2004.

For more info read: “Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI) and psychotherapy with multi-problem children, adolescents and their families.”

7. What other evidence is there of a groundswell of support from professionals as well as those who have benefited from TSI?

This web site can present only a sample of correspondence and published articles. We have selected a range of items to highlight the versatility of TSI.

For more info read: A Letter from Campbell Lodge, Gem of the First Water - A Review by George W. Hynd and TSI Testimonials

8. What training is available to support use of the TSI system?

Training for implementation of TSI has traditionally incorporated a one-day introductory seminar for those who wish to use the book “Gem of the First Water” with young people not experiencing significant problems. This can be followed by various levels of extension training suited to the needs of the individual professionals.

For more info read: Training and the TSI System

9. Are there some on-line samples of text and questions from TSI resources to illustrate how the material is presented?

We will continue to add sample readings of TSI resources to help you assess their suitability for your purposes. The following examples come from the two purpose-written books as well as the "Journey Guide" volume accompanying each.

For more info read: "Gem of the First Water" - Sample Chapter and Journey Guide (Gem), "The Travels of Plymouth" and Journey Guide (Travels)

10. What range of resources is available in support of using TSI in education, community work and private practice?

There is an expanding range of TSI materials which can be obtained using the on-line order form provided.

For more info read: TSI Resources

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What Are We Doing For Young Americans?