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United States of America:
A Prosperous and Confident Nation

The United States of America is indeed at the crossroads of major economic as well as cultural and social development.

As a nation we need to mobilize every creative and productive force possible to take our place in the global scene. In particular we need to invest fully in our youth: they are our future! For all of us this will involve on-going change and development. We cannot afford and must not tolerate waste of human talent. Everyone's contributions are important!

Social change also requires a heightened focus on access to education, and implies remediation of the current 'digital divide' and other barriers to inclusion.

The "Partnership For 21st Century Skills" in their paper: "Learning For the 21st Century" makes these points:

  • How can we best prepare students to succeed in the 21st Century?
    This is a question of paramount importance to America's educators, employers, parents and the public. Our community vibrancy, personal quality of life, economic viability and business competitiveness depend on a well-prepared citizenry and workforce. Public education provides the bedrock from which our national and individual prosperity rise together.
  • Economic, technological, informational, demographic and political forces have transformed the way people work and live. These changes – and the rate of change – will continue to accelerate. Schools, like businesses, communities and families, must adapt to changing conditions to thrive.
  • Students will spend their adult lives in a multi-tasking, multifaceted, technology-driven, diverse, vibrant world – and they must arrive equipped to do so. We also must commit to ensuring that all students have equal access to this new technological world, regardless of their economic background.

If we accept these findings, and work co-operatively towards practical solutions, then our country can continue in its great advancement towards being:

  • a birthplace of world-changing people and ideas;
  • a land where diversity is valued and reflected in our national identity;
  • a great place to live, learn, work and do business; and
  • a place where people invest in the future.

It is these beliefs and aspirations, which have inspired three powerful by-lines, which encapsulate our ethos and dynamism:

  • Our Youth ~ Our Future
  • Liberating Youth Potential
  • No Youth Left Behind

These are our commitment to the Youth of America!


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