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TSI™ – How Does It Help So Many People?


  • TSI is Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention™.
  • TSI was developed in California by Ron Phillips in the 1980s, expanded in New Zealand in the 1990s; and returned to California in 2004.
  • TSI is an affordable and efficient life skills, life education and child and adolescent group therapy process.
  • TSI is used in a diversity of work places: schools, mental health clinics, churches, camps, police education, social services, etc.
  • TSI enables a single facilitator to manage a large group of people over an extended period of time using minimal and easily acquired resources.
  • TSI uses storytelling as a potent and effective means to engage people rapidly and powerfully, leading them through often complex and difficult emotional and developmental territory.
  • TSI offers two purpose-written books with ancillary material covering a wide range of topical issues and suited to the developmental processes of people.
  • TSI is packed with value-based material that is easily assimilated and which provides a ‘blueprint’ for successful living.
  • TSI has been used extensively among a diversity of cultures.
  • TSI has proven successful with people who have high levels of: psychosocial stress, mental health issues, economic disadvantage and self-harm.
  • TSI trials carried out in a mental health setting demonstrate that TSI has an unequaled ability to engage groups that are characteristically difficult and have a high incidence of dropout and non-compliance.
  • TSI effectively attends to issues of resistance and hopelessness, facilitating healing and
    enhanced well-being.
  • TSI helps people to move from levels of dysfunction, depression and destructive family behaviors towards a lifestyle of healthy personal and family relationships.
  • TSI is successfully used in a wide range of contexts such as schools, mental health clinics, churches, camps, police education, social services etc.

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