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Training and the 'TSI System'

Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention is a licensed system and Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention International Ltd is the parent company for the product and controlling body for production and ratification of training. T.S.I. International Ltd. owns the copyright to the materials and the system and YouthHealth Institute Ltd. licenses, markets and promotes the materials and the training in New Zealand and YouthHealth USA act in the same way for the united states, Canada and New Mexico. In America they are licensed to offer Continuing Education Units CEU's and does not require Mentors and facilitators to be licensed but must meet other specific qualifications to ensure maximum results

There are seven levels of TSI training and, in order to achieve a Certificate of Proficiency in TSI as a facilitator, it is necessary to complete Levels One to Five of the training program. The material dealt with at each level is as follows:

TSILevel one: At this level trainees are introduced to the 'Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention' system using the foundational text, Gem of the First Water. They are introduced to the basic history, theory and practice of TSI, the TSI process of story, questions and group interaction and the psycho/social issue(s) the characters in Gem of the First Water represent.

Level two: At this level trainees gain a thorough knowledge of the foundation text and are introduced to the themes, teaching concepts and character motifs of TSI and Gem of the First Water. They will gain understanding in the use of imaginal constructs, e.g. metaphor, motif and paradox, and learn to context these constructs within the delivery of the TSI storytelling process.

Level three: At this level trainees are introduced to the theory, psychotherapeutic assumptions and didactic principles that underlie TSI and Gem of the First Water. They gain an in-depth understanding of the genesis, history, development and application of TSI and learn to deliver the themes and teaching concepts using imagery and mythopoeic methodology.

Level four: At this level trainees are introduced to the TSI questions and TSI group structure and group management. They become familiar with the TSI questions and their relationship to the therapeutic teaching concepts. Trainees also learn how to set up and run a TSI group and manage the group process.

Level five: At this level trainees are introduced to the second book, The Travels of Plymouth. They gain an understanding of the themes and therapeutic teaching concepts of The Travels of Plymouth and its attendant Guide.

Level six: Advanced applications. At this level trainees work with a TSI Tutor to adapt the TSI process to particular learning/therapeutic environments.

Each level of training is held over one day. At times training in levels two to five will be held as a block course.

For further information please contact:

YouthHealth USA
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Phone: 510-774-5061
Within New Zealand: Free Phone 0800 22 77 32



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