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YouthHealth USA Inc.
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Thank you very much for your help, you are appreciated and so important to us! We are a California non profit, in good standings that smartly partners with 501c3 Non-Profit organizations all across America. We smartly do this so we can more quickly and effectively bring needed tools and mentoring to accomplish our mission of ending underachievement and lifting America by lifting its children, families, veterans, and anyone else needing help to think more positive. Which lets them make better decisions with their lives and futures in mind so they can help others. We seek always to help the 501c3's we are working with to advance there goals and agendas as well as part of our mission.



YouthHealth USA
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Your financial support is important reight now too and will help lift America to reach new heights by supporting the development of a national Choose2BPositive attitude reinforcing ethics and good values in Americas children and adults. We accomplish this in a safe and positive way and with specially structured projects for unique groups of kids from domestic violence, foster, inner city economically challeged or like the children of Active mililtary and Fallen protectors of America be they Fire, Law enforcement, Veterans and etc. For example: 19 young Hot Shots, protecting fellow America's from a fire in Yarnell Arizona lost their lives June 30 2013 how many children do you think those 19 fire fighters left behind? The answers 55 little heros deserving all our help till they are launched into adulthood as part of our village. Have they been forgotten? Did you know about them? if so is it still on your heart and mind? Thats why we are here! We help other protectors like returning Veterans or kids of fallen Veterans, With our LWG Laugh Without Grief project, can you imagine how many kids have and are being left behind and little brothers and sisters who may need help too? 2BPOSITIVE. We open the door to new opportunities. These opportunities are derived from using some of the simple but highly effective tools we provide for free to children in America that help develop higher self-images, principles and values that are often missing today . All who participate are helped to develop more positive, appreciative, cooperative, and respectful attitudes for self and others.

This opens the door for wiser and better decision making and that encourages one to be confident, forgiving, honest, open, and less judgmental and able to be more happy and supportive of others. We are building a volunteer army with America's "Adults With More Time" :) otherwise known as senior citizens :) and others with time that desire to help children find and stay on the road to success and help give America its best future ever. We support all kids regardless of their stature in life. In addition if needed once we have helped an educationally challenged child to want to succeed and learn we follow through with our amazing literacy and math tools for free to accelerate their catching up to be competitive and succeed academically so they can grow up to be strong contributors to society. These powerful and proven tools can for example increase a child’s reading ability up to five grade levels in as little as 18 hours! Together we can change a destiny and build a better America for all of us one child at a time

These programs permit kids who CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE the ability to affect their generation permanently! They also enhance and reinforce the positive tools that some young people already have and help create united peaceful, happy, and fun-filled families. The end result is a life where integrity, respect, patience, forgiveness, kindness, support, health, and love are the norm. YouthHealth USA is helping a house, apartment, shelter, or tent become more of a home because of the youth we help.

A cliché response to disrespectful and detached children is for their parents to teach better values and get back to "how things used to be". Unfortunately, many families are torn apart and others are weighed down. If we step back and gain perspective we can see the larger picture. That is one (picture) that includes all of us as a family we adopt those troubled kids after they turn 18 and pay for them for the next 60 years! We can end that if we face this enormous challenge together and witness the benefits for our country as victory is gained. Partner with YouthHealth USA as we supply our working solutions to this giant problem in America today. We help all kinds of children, in all kinds of situations, and all kinds of issues! One of the most impressive truths about our program is there is often none or minuscule resistance to it and yet produces the most amazing results in a surprisingly short period of time. Your contribution today will help YouthHealth USA continue to make these powerful life changing tools available FREE OF CHARGE to kids, families, teachers, counselors, and more. Our current goal is to help 3 million kids CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE in three years and watch them affect 30 million more to BUILD A BETTER WORLD for all of us

Your help does make a difference in the current and future lives of all of us. Your support is needed and welcomed! Let's help instill better dreams in our youth and help them turn those dreams into realities! Contribute Now! Just click on the button below to help kids NOW!

YouthHealth USA, thanks you on behalf of the youth and families we are helping. This is only possible because of your financial contributions and compassion. Please let us know if you want a CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE kit sent to a specific person or a number of them sent to a specific school, etc. (write to us at ( ) Thank you again.


the "Contribute Now" Help us Lift America!

Please mail all correspondence and make all checks out to: YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

For wires, real property, homes, bonds, stock or other contributions please contact us directly at 1 (310) 651-1579 or email us at ( )

If you would like to volunteer time please e-mail us at
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