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In association with the popular ."CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" campain, this is a resource for you (The PROTECTORS), your family, and those who appreciate them during this time of great need.

We believe in Appreciating our Protectors and Keeping Families strong! We are non political and neutral and do not promote prejudice, hatred violence or war. We care about all kids and families and recognize the specialized needs that can face ALL of America's Protectors and first responders, such as our law enforcement, military, fire and emergency and specifically their kids and families who often face greater stress and pressures by the nature and risk of being a protector. Many can and should be helped which is why we provide our "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" tools free of charge. Members of the public can, by way of charity & donations, allow these Protectors and their Families to use these ."CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" tools free of charge to help them find balance in their lives. This balanace will allow them to make good positive decisions daily and will help strengthen them and our country

Here you will find the information your need as a:

  • Protector needing Support
  • Family needing Support
  • Appreciative person wishing to help

Who We Support

  • Protectors
  • The Protectors Family of Protectors
  • Especially Those Protectors Comig back Home

The Protector

  • Military
  • Teachers & Educators
  • First Responders
  • Fire
  • Law Enforcement

The Family

  • At Home or Near the Protector
  • Is the priority

Returning Home (protectors)

  • From conflict
  • From distant work

What we want to do:

  • Help people overcome Anxiety & Challenges
  • Help support Protectors & their Families
  • Show our Appreciation

How we support:



-Get your free Choose2Bpositive Wristband when you donate!


Phrase of the day: "Try this, practice PTC - Patience, Tolerance and Compassion"

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