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Professional Applications Of TSI


TSI interfaces with the education sector at a number of levels. It functions in classrooms as a life skills development, life education and values process in which children can participate to assist them to discover positive ways of living and relating. It also provides a means of developing a ‘culture’ within a classroom that gives space to discuss and work through many difficult personal and relational areas. TSI can provide the ‘counseling’ component that is required when disciplinary issues need resolution. It is safe, effective and formative in this regard.

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imageSocial Work

TSI is a valuable and powerful tool that can be used to engage and work with young people who have been emotionally and psychologically injured and/or neglected.

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TSI is a journey that every family should take. It gives a common language and a common way of understanding issues about which families often struggle to communicate.

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Religious Education

The values, processes and relationships that are in the TSI books fit very well with religious development and are generalized enough to fit a broader context for spiritual development that is particularly useful for young people in the 21st century.

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Corporate Sector

Like all ‘families’ business groups have the need to improve relationships and resolve inter-personal issues. TSI is a powerful and fun way for companies to attend to these areas in a form that acts towards collegiality and productivity.

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TSI has been developed largely in the health sector, especially in the child and adolescent environment. It has proven itself to surpass much contemporary therapeutic practice and deliver results that are most satisfying and healing for the young people and their families who participate in the process.

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TSI has been successfully used in the youth and adult justice system in New Zealand. Results have shown how apparently hardened young people warm to an approach which they find intriguing, non-threatening and thoroughly engaging.

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