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A Letter From Aaron Russell Owner Of PC Pit Stop

May 31, 2010

In early month of november i found Michael Bolden at a computer shop i was applying at. We talked, and i ended up telling him how my life has had a lot for sorrow, anger, and disbelief in it. He gave me a book and told me to read it. After reading the TSI series i went back to Mike, we talked some more. And i ended up working for him helping him in every way possible. YouthHealth USA changed the way i think and behave. And with being a newly wed and a new father. TSI and YouthHealth USA was exactly what i needed.

Its been 6 Months now since i started working for Mike, Back in April i stopped working for him. Opened my own computer repair shop with the knowledge he had provided me. I have moved out of my dads house, and bought a house from Michael. My wife and kids are the world to me. I wake up everyday with a smile. And its thanks to YouthHealth USA's methods that they have used on me.

I am now attending college in hopes to get my masters in programming and computer science. Also on my way to getting my associates in Business Management!

I went from a kid running the streets. To a business man, loving father and loving husband.


Yours sincerely

Aaron Russell
PC Pit Stop



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