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Our Structure


YouthHealth USA is a for-profit company that acts like a non-profit, charitable and educational corporation. It has put in place a robust structure designed to provide a functional support service to health and achievement oriented ventures targeting young people, directly or indirectly, within the Objects of its Constitution. We continue to possition our organization with the ability to give YouthHealth USA kits away! We are working to popularize the desire to go possitive and to be good while lift up one another.

The submitted Constitution of YouthHealth USA provides for a Board of Trustees to administer the statutory requirements outlined therein.

The Board is responsible for general governance; in particular, for maintaining standards of excellence in the fiduciary sector and in quality service delivery.

The Board has the power to appoint an Executive Secretary with full executive authority to act on its behalf, and to set in place National and State Secretariats who will administer the work of the Foundation.

National Secretariat

The Executive Secretary has authority to appoint a Chief Executive Officer, and to approve additional administrative assistance as appropriate.

Board of Consultants

The National Secretariat may assemble a board of distinguished professionals to advise on matters of policy and implementation.

State Secretariats

The Executive Secretary may approve the establishment, as appropriate, of a Secretariat in each State where the work of YouthHealth USA is carried out. State Secretariats report to the National Secretariat as required and, among other approved functions, attend to the following:

  • establishment of a State Board of Consultants;
  • establishment of a School of T.S.I. Training;
  • registration and support for approved T.S.I. Therapists;
  • funding and / or implementation of Youth Health projects;
  • funding and / or implementation of Youth Achievement projects.


Our Goals, Organization & Policy

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