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A Massive earthquake strikes America with devastating force right in the middle of its traditional values. America, has endured a massive earthquake that has left its values, ethics, honesty in ruins. resulting In an outbreak of underachievement, selfishness, anger, bullying and so much more the aftermath, there are millions of devastating tremors everywhere in America, often resulting in the breakdown and breaking up of families.

Families are the foundation of any country's stability, especially that of America. People in every walk of life have been affected even in the highest levels of America's government. Some say they haven’t felt the quake in their families, yet, in truth, no one can hide in their house and escape completely the negative impact will find everyone from this quake and its tremors.

This event is being devastating quake is manifesting around the world often times with far faster declines in the stability of other nations. Our nation remains in dire need of rescuing from this terrible quake. More and more people are recognizing the wisdom and intelligence of having better "community values" and helping all children grow up with them as a standard tool which will help us lift America.

If we start out by strengthening families again in whatever form or shape or look they exist in currently without JUDGMENT it will prove to be the wisest course. That can start with the children in school and or at home if they have support there! We at YouthHealth USA are involved smartly on all levels in this enormous task with a focus on emotional and educational stability with the majority or our resources dedicated to our "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE” USA campaign of HELPING THREE MILLION KIDS IN JUST THREE YEARS "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE” and watching them EFECT thirty million more and BUILD A BETTER WORLD for all of us.

America, is perhaps the wealthiest and most developed country in the world, yet many children and families struggle with schooling, bullying, rebellion, anger, suicide illiteracy disrespect, apathy, lack of empathy, appreciation and so much more. Simply developing better values, attitudes and decision making skills among our youth and all of us will help turn it all around in a big way quickly and reverse the effects of the earth quake as if superman had spun the world in reverse.

We at YouthHealth USA we are doing what we can to provide the proven quality value changing help tools as well as ongoing educational tools to those who need them now to get caught up. These often are underserved the most as a result of this disaster. There are large demands for Kits we provide free of charge that accomplish amazing results in children from all walks of lives. These kits also will reinforce good values for those who have held on to good values already and helps create a common language and measurable common expectation which has been so lacking for to many years. This lack of common values has been fun, some would say, and allowed some of us to have no real accountability to one another as part of the larger family of America. These kits benefit adults to and we provide them to Americas Protectors like our returning soldiers to help them develop skills and tools allowing them to remain productive in our society. Obviously we need help to produce large quantities of inventory so we can provided these life changing kits to any and especially children and families that are in dire need of Positive change and assistance to get on the road to success! YouthHealth USA is taking in contributions to help America's children by producing the tools of change and improvement and placing them for free of charge though they have a cost. Every contribution, little or large WILL make a difference. So please visit our Contribution page now and help change America's future and end the earthquake and its trimmers give a child the tools to be better, have better attitudes and make better decisions for is life and future which effects all of us.

Exciting programs returning to America. For example one product we have used which started here 36 years ago 'Gem of the First Water' written by Ron Phillips M.A. (Psychology) from U.S.F., who has been living in New Zealand for 27 years practicing, and training other professionals in the use of the program in a country that has one of the highest suicide rates among youths in the world while yet having one of the highest primary educations in the world. YouthHealth USA had partnered with Mr. Phillips in 2003 to update, and perfect this system into a self one of our self-help kits that has extraordinary research based results. It is materials like these that we distribute from many sources free of charge helping to educate, entertain, challenge and inspire young people to change and improve their lives forever and opening the door for educators to have more cooperative students who want to learn and make an effort to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE, leading to happier better balanced students, class rooms, and families where better decisions become a everyday part of life. These variety of kits are powerful and by making them available FREE OF CHARGE we are giving a chance for all kids to have the help they need to have a better life now and for as long as they want in the future

Many of the products, describes the adventures of a peer/hero in a mythical land. The characters in the story act as peer role models for the readers/listeners, asking the same questions and sharing the same types of thinking and behavior that many young people express. Through the adventures, the character discovers a range of new behaviors for young readers/listeners to emulate. The raw ability to think and make better decisions and to have hope and dreams in harmony with a positive society become their reality in a natural way that is their own choice.

YouthHealth USA has observed good kids enjoying the storys, sad kids finding contentment and troubled kids establishing new behavior patterns. The stories are a good read for students who read well, but also a great tool for parents, counselors, and mentors who read to their children. In the hands of a trained teacher or therapist or any of those non-professionals just mentioned, the book when accompanied by our self help companion tools help the books become wonderful and effective tools that help young people shape responsible attitudes towards courtesy, respect, self control, or any of the other qualities addressed – from personal choice.

Mr. Phillips, returned to San Francisco October/November 2004, as part of YouthHealth USA, an organization dedicated to young people, families, parents, and the elderly for or over 20 years. Mr. Phillips, while here inspired many with his, masterful implementation Story Telling and demonstrating best case applications of life saving materials to classes of students with tremendous results. Ron returned again in 2005 to teach Story telling at the University of San Francisco.

In 2006 and 2007 we at YouthHealth USA have been laying the ground work and perfecting programs for the United States. We currently offer continuing education units centered on our program.

In 2008 We worked with Ron and others including Rotary international to create a self-training Kit to assist in a full training courses for retired adults, parents, youth workers, counselors and teachers who want to know more about the systems and how to most effectively put them to work in changing attitudes one kid one family at a time.

As 2014 comes to an end we start to unfold a three year 2017, we start our push of helping increase living values in Americas youth, schools and families and giving Free of Charge new tools to help kids make better choices every day as part of are CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE campaign. We will continue monitoring data and enhancing our models and their ease to be duplicated and implemented by non-professional with maximum impact! Speed and quality of mobilizing these programs for our kids, teens and young adults through retirees, schools, community centers, homes and etc. will regulate the speed of our return to the top of education and quality of life. By making available simple yet powerful juvenile counseling tools nationwide right now when we need it instead of later when it can be too late for some youth we can save lives, hopes, dreams and Build a Better future for our kids. YouthHealth USA's Selected Programs and its tools perfected by many will be a major part of our nation's reversal to higher living values ending the increasing trends towards the declining functionality of our youth. We have another program similar but designed with the help of the Young New Zealanders foundation for younger children which allows us to reach very young people

We are watching this amazing tools work consistently to help confused kids fulfill their latent potential and become the treasure we believe each one of them to be. You can CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE and do something great, We need – and must have help and support to bring this program to more and more kids and families in need of positive changes here in America right now. We supply this and our literacy tools and so much more FREE OF CHARGE to kids, parents, volunteers, teachers, families in challenge, challenged public schools and etc. YouthHealth USA's starting goal is to simply HELP THREE MILLION KIDS "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE” IN JUST 3 YEARS and watch them EFFECT 30 million more and BUILD A BETTER WORLD for all of us. We need your contributions now to make this happen. We also need those who can give of their time as volunteers. If you are unable to contribute time or money we simply ask you to "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE” every day and lift up those around you and encourage them by your positive example and attitude. We have NO TIME TO WASTE! Help Save a young person's life and future before it's too late - Thank you for visiting our volunteer and/or contribution pages and making a difference today.

Dear Contributors, Sponsor, Supporters

Contributions made by check please mail to: YouthHealth USA, Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy. B-104/366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

Please make all checks out to "YouthHealth USA",

. For Wires, real property, homes, stocks bonds, or other, please contact us directly:


If you would like to volunteer time, please e-mail

These funds will be used to further this project for our children and young people, nation wide. We thank you for helping make the future brighter for the young, of all walks of life, right now, through this wonderfully effective program. We open the mind and heart's door so that other forms of help can be offered that further assist in bringing the participant young person to a fulfilling, positive and happy journey in this great life of opportunity.

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