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YouthHealth USA: We are on a mission to to lift America and all of us especially our Children and Veterans to the best future ever full of success, respect, dignity, love and appreciation! America has needed a neutral and non political idea and company to unite us together to face the giant issues choking out our country and the world.

YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement is accomplishing building momentum toward overcoming negative, destructive, judgmental, selfish, bullying behaviors that devideds people and polarize them so they stubbornly fail to work together at a cost to everyone especially all children. This feeding a nations inability to face most effectively the solvable issues together and its time to stand up and fix this wouldn't you agree. As we all choose2BPositive and work together we can redirect $250 billion dollars wasted each year on underachievement back into the economy and rebuilding America and its infrastructure more quickly while creating millions of good paying jobs.

YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement is a smart place for businesses and individuals to focus support slated for social responsibility. Our senior director Edward L. Bolden; Founder of Andel Engineering dot com, a Rotary and Elks membet and leader also chairs the Samuel Dixon Family Medical gtoup, and has the honor to be voted 3 times as "Man/Person of The Year" in Valencia California-- home of Magic Mountain. The Choose 2 B Positive Movement is hosted in New Zealsnd by Bill Hodge; previous head of The National Police of New Zealand, and Bill Davey previous Head of Juvenile Department of New Zealand, for over 40 years have known ED Bolden and worked with the Rotary exchange originally to help them become educated in D.A.R.E. to take back to New Zealand. Their current top goal is to help their country overcome one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world, despite having one of the highest Academic performance rates in the world.

Philips also moved to New Zealand to advance "Therapeutic Story Telling." These tools have over time been crafted with a mission now to be used by non proffesionals to produce life changing results quickly. Our headquarters are right here in America, with our associate organization in New Zealand under the name Young New Zealander's foundation.

We are built not to compete with, but support and partner with, other smart programs, businesses, schools and ideas, like D.A.R.E, Writing Express, and Rotary, boys & girls clubs and etc.. We help improve and enhance the ballence and depth of success of those we touch without charge.

YouthHealth USA's non invasive mentoring, supports improving children's lives from all walks of life, into more healthy, positive people, with improved decision making skill, Our results strongly supports improved success in school, life, relationships and families, allowing for a more happy home, so they can contribute to life and society in better ways. We teach this all for free. For our valuable cause, we accept various types of contributions including financial support, volunteer work, donations with goods, creative partnerships, and more. For over 15 years we have been a conscious California non profit leader, creating partnerships thorough our teams with 501c3 organizations so we can more effectively bring these tools and mentoring to life, in order to help children, families, veterans, fallen protectors, and kids of all areas across America.

For over a decade we have been developing a pathway, and perfecting a solution specifically to help lift America and its declining graduation rates, and help the whole country quickly have a breakthrough leading to its best future ever. We are now ready with the army of help of our senior citizens and other volunteers, so that we can successfully resolve some of Americas biggest challenges such as increasing school dropout rates and much more. With a crowed funding approach and support from celebrities, marketing budgets of socially responsible businesses, and the backbone of America and its real heroes in everyday citizens all working together under YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement. We are creating the momentum to lift all children and help them succeed in school and life so they in turn can lift up America and give it, it's most positive and best future ever!

We brought the best minds together to create tools that can raise children's academic ability in English and Math by three grade levels in just 12 hrs. We have helped them see their value and gain a positive attitude, good decision making skills, and work ethics, among more. We seek to deliver these tool for free wherever needed. It is absolutely amazing how children light up and get engaged in education and this speed learning in all areas!  We further supply free of charge-- tools for reinforcing quality of life, communication skills, relationship navigation tools, whole life planning, banking, and even crisis resolution relief that helps youth advance no matter what they face. We do this all without charge.  We are known for helping all kids and participating adults improve attitudes, behavior, values, decision making skills, and much more so that they can be on track to a fuller, richer life of success. We also supply free of charge other powerful catch-up tools that are very effective after a youth's attitude has improved.

The way we reach the whole country quickly is by implementing an army of senior citizens and others who want to help and by supplying them easily duplicated tools for free. We therefore can cover this nation with all the help it needs in a hurry yet keep the quality of our service the best it can be. We can all pitch in with our positive attitudes and help by contributing funds here so we can create and deliver these life saving tools--for free. Please--Do something positive and CLICK the "Contribute button to lift America

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

Our fallen protectors, children, military, firemen, law enforcement, first responder's and others, must not be forgotten, as they often benefit very quickly from our tools and then can be helped further, by other traditional programs such as Wounded Warriors. We don't compete with any other programs of any kind such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, Rotary, Elks, Jr. Achievement, etc. Instead, we are here to add to these and other programs of success. Our tools follow the children all their live and never lose value!

We even supply a smart nutritional tool that has over 25 clinical studies showing how it feeds the brain what it needs in order too have more of the three C's; Calm, Clarity and Coping ability. This unique natural mineral / vitamin combination helps kids and adults alike with overcoming depression, and overcoming negative symptoms of what are referred to by many as ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and PTSD--without the use of any dangerous drugs.

In America we are pushing forward the "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement Movement and inviting individuals and companies to step up and be a part of helping all of America be more positive daily and behave more like a family, setting aside our differences to unite together, giving America its best future ever! We can do this by lifting all kids up with whatever good things they need, wherever they are at, so that we create a more sustainable nation with a goal of a 95 percent graduation rate for all kids. We Help all that we work with have better values and attitudes, so that more kids choose to start and finish college or career training, all while developing a unified view to create stronger unbreakable family units across all races and areas.

If you have had some sort of loss, grief or just some hard times check out the video below for an example of story telling with a purpose. You may find value in the message below created by our New Zealand office to help introduce a special brochure entitled "Courage Be My Friend" built to help the brave surviving souls coping with life after The massive Christ Church Earthquake. This relief effort can be adapted to nearly any crisis. Please keep in mind this is just a brief glimpse of what can done on a broad basis. You can imagine what can be done further when these workable solutions are focused on a small group of kids, making the interactions fun and effective.

We are a Corporation built to help people, young and old, "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE"

YouthHealth USA, is about three things!

About Us.
  • Helping America and all is Children have their Best Future Ever!
  • Helping people choose to work together to solve massive challenges
  • Helping Lift up familes and individuales to LIVE LIFE with more Integrity, respect and Love!

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