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YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Campaign (C2BP)

Would you like to do something positive for yourself, others and America? Help us invest in all of America's children! Give them the tools, support and mentoring they need to help them develop positive attitudes and decision making skills while motivating them to become strong. dedicated contributors to society for the rest of their lives. YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Campaign (C2BP) helps all children learn they are valuable and have choices and that their everyday choices effects them now and in their futures. We can help them see that they are a special part of a much larger family that cares about them. A family called, America! YouthHealth USA is dedicated to encouraging all youth and adults with proper motivation and mentoring to perceive life in positive ways turning hopes and dreams into realities. 


With YouthHealth USA's encouraging, supportive and positive tools supplied free of charge. We can help turn their worlds around. When life seems hard and unfair, giving up is no longer an option! We guide children to realize that despite any negativity they may face there is still much to be positive about. They will begin to see they have a lot to give thanks for, daily by allowing themselves to pause, open their eyes, minds and hearts to see and accept their positive truths. When any of us consciously accept that truth, we attract increasing amounts of good in to our lives. We then start to trust our selves to be forgiven and to forgive others. We start believing positive things can and do happen to us. That's when we start walking on a path that allows our dreams to manifest into realities!!!

YouthHealth USA, uses smart and proven tools, like specialized storytelling-to open the path for millions of children enabling them to develop better attitudes, decision making skills and so much more without judgments. These internal changes and developments then lead to good alternative choices to anger, rebellion, bullying, disrespect, apathy, lying, etc. Communication and cooperation opens up, education and good work ethics become desired, and strong good core values are reinforced and accepted as OK. Instant gratification no longer dominates actions and choices. Daily wiser choices become easier to make. This leads to lasting success in many areas, more laughter and greater happiness. Helping our youth and America's education system is too important and too large a task for any of us to stand back and leave for someone else to support. America's children belong to all of us, They are our future. We must do whatever we can to help them be their best so they live life with more peace, hope, success, and joy and be positive contributors to our society. Each child we fail to help, may grow up to be a tax burden on verses a tax contributor, costing society an astonishing $675,000 over each of their lives! Why waste that money? Contributing a few hundred dollars per child to YouthHealth USA will enable personalized professional and effective tools help the majority of young people they touch to develop or fortify better attitudes needed to succeed. We stimulate them to learn positive decision-making skills and to seek to have better futures so they will add value to America instead of taking it away. You are the key to our success; you can help lives be better right now by making a positive decision to supporting. YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) campaign, Can you think of a better way? Let's stop procrastinating, blaming others, or waiting on our government. Lets "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) and get this crucial job done. Improve our children's futures- say Yes!!


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YouthHealth USA believes it is important to help all kids know that America belongs as much to them as it does to any of us. In the future adults will retire and will not be able to monetarily contribute further to society. The youth of today and their children will be inheriting what we have left behind. We need to help youth see they can and do make a difference. The best way to help guarantee things will be better in the future is to understand the ground our kids stand on today already belongs to them. When they start appreciating that fact, they will start caring more about their future and be willing to contribute to a better America for themselves seek to be the best citizens they can and encourage others to do the same.


the "Contribute Now" button to help kids in America!

Besides all the live interactive work we are doing with children we are currently building a dedicated CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) web site where people can come and be refreshed, have fun, share and interact with tons of positive up-building things for free. You will find encouraging stories. For example, there is a story of a homeless man who said he would not be homeless and without his wife and family if he had only practiced PTC (Patience, tolerance and compassion.) People will share other uplifting, positive accounts and stories. We received one in honor of a very wonderful and positive person named Kathryn Lynn Jackels. Kathryn died far too young, after a long, hard two and a half year battle with cancer. Her four beautiful children bravely shared some of their personal thoughts and memories at her memorial. They cried and laughed as did the other mourners over flowing to standing room only. One of her children said, "My mom always made sure to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and because of that she never had a bad day!"

Another one of her children shared that despite her horrible pain and suffering, her mom always focused on caring for others at all times. Kathryn's husband, Jack, said of his precious wife, "she forgave spontaneously and loved unconditionally." As she gave to others her day became more positive, even though she was suffering. We can all learn from Kathy and her family's examples. If we(C2BP) CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE, we look to love, forgive, comfort, and support others no matter what challenges we have, or pain, or loss or grief we face in our lives. We will never have a bad day that will take away our love for life, joy in caring for others and happiness in knowing we have purpose. We can CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE, cherish every minute and keep hope and determination for a better tomorrow alive in our minds as we make the best of the day!

YouthHealth USA also understands the extra stresses and urgent priority of supporting the special needs of America's Protectors and their Families. We invite you to join the momentum of helping AMERICA and its YOUTH "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE"

Supporting our Protectors

Make your contribution NOW! Change the lives of our youth FOREVER!!!

Get your free wristband when you contribute. Let people know you care

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Listen to experts
Brian Gerrard talks about TSI and how it is being used at the University of San Francisco Hear how the TSI system works from the professionals who use it.
Ron Phillips talks about TSI and the Splendora book series. Click on the image to watch the video.

Experts speak

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A Letter From USF...

It was a pleasure to meet with you again in October along with the TSI's USA Leaders: Michael Bolden, Executive Director/National Secretary of YouthHealthUSA and International, and Tanya Dennis, Head for the education Board of YouthHealthUSA. Our discussion of the ways we can work together to bring Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention to the University of San Francisco's Mission Possible schools was most productive. The USF Center for Child and Family Development is involved yearly with about 30 San Francisco/Bay area schools. We place MFT trainees in the schools and they provide School-Based Family Counseling to at risk students and their families. The schools (both public and Catholic) have a serious lack of resources with an average of only 1 counselor for every 350 students. We have wanted, for many years, to add a group counseling component to our Mission Possible program. However we have lacked the resources to deliver it. I believe that your Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI) program is exactly what we need in these schools. The TSI program has a number of strengths that make it a useful approach for School-Based Family Counselors to more

Chub B. Bear


You can make a difference! YOUR Sponsorship helps open a door for many of our troubled youth to the opportunities that come from gaining higher principles and morals so often missing today. Along with that they will be helped to develop a more cooperative, respectful, teachable attitude powered by hope and truth allowing for success in life despite their current circumstances. This makes available to them endless possibilities in being valued as part of our society and not a burden to it! this program also enhances and reinforces the positive tools some young people already have while helping whole families to circle around being in better harmony and unity to a peaceful happy fun filled life where respect, patience, long suffering support and enduring healthy love is the norm. Helping a house, an apartment, or even a tent become a home We all agree it should start in the family however we would all agree many families are torn apart and weighed down. So we need to back up and see the bigger family picture, which includes all of us. So please Contribute what you can as often as you can and join us in our effort to make available free of charge to financially challenged households especially single parent households and foster care and other challenged family settings and facilities the tools and support needed to give better dreams to our youth and help them turn those dreams into their realities! YOUR HELP DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE AND FUTURE OF A YOUNG PERSON. YouthHealth USA Inc. thanks you for caring enough to take the time to make a difference.

~* Read about YouthHealth USA's Literacy Program! *~


Our youth is our future, your contribution is appreciated. It is our goal to provide all our products, free of charge, to any guardian, parent or young person, as well as schools and programs. Your contribution helps makes that happen.

Please mail checks out to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85239


Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI)
has been applied in many different areas including:


The Youth Health Team


Y outhHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE campaign (C2BP) is nonpolitical and neutral so all celebrities, companies and individuals can come together for the common good of our nation's children. We supply, free of charge, to children and others, the tools and mentoring they need to develop better values, attitudes, and common sense so they can make better decisions for the rest of their lives. As you invest in America's youth through us, we help to aim them on to a solid path leading to a positive future, and a dedicated life time of contribution to their families and all of society!!!

CLICK the "Contribute Now" button. Invest in America's children through us so we can keep successfully turning more lives around everyday!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85239

Help 3 million kids CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE in just 3 years!

Message From The Executive Team

We equip children with the power to make BETTER DECISIONS for the rest of their lives, and all within just weeks!! These results occur regardless of a child's current situation! This means nearly every kid can be helped to have a better life and contribute to BUILDING A BETTER AMERICA and WORLD for all of us!!

Our hearts and efforts go out to all the young innocent children who are victims of peer pressure, bullying, depression, broken/dysfunctional families, drugs, gangs, attempted suicide, alcohol abuse, poverty, illiteracy, isolation, rage, sexual abuse, anger, sheer destructive hate and more including the extreme and shattering cases of young precious lives taken by other, at-risk youth. (For example, the Columbine High School Massacre, the inconceivable Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Kelley Elementary Shooting, and the Virginia Tech shooting.) These were preventable calamities affecting us all.

Our hearts also go out to all families with members serving overseas and veterans who often return home devastated with feelings of guilt, grief, loss and despair. The children and families of fallen veterans needing encouragement and help coping successfully with their pain are another group of our concern.

YouthHealth USA has identified several sample demographics, especially among our youth, that are in urgent need of life skills resources. YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" campaign provides life skill resources that overcome such things as:


For many of these amazing young people the challenges and stress lead to unnecessary self-destructive behavior. Together we can change all these negatives using our "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Campaign (C2BP). Tucson's former Representative Gabby Giffords is a hero who is pushing beyond her challenges to help us all learn and accept from these awful facts and events. America's youth are dealing with depression, ADHD, PTSD, School dropout rates, rampant bullying, disrespect, unbridled rage, lack of motivation, accountability, and responsibility. OUR YOUTH IN AMERICA ARE IN TROUBLE!

Click below to watch "Judge Ronald A. Wilson" speak about mentoring. He had over 400 foster brothers and sisters, He had 22 adopted brothers and sisters. He too sees the need in our country to unite as a family and help all kids "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" and have the tools and mentoring they need to succeed and is helping the campaign!

In many respects, our nation is at the crossroads of major economic, cultural and social development.

Once these aspects improve in children, their future becomes limitless. We have created proven and highly acclaimed duplicable programs that work amazingly well and are backed up by years of qualified data. The programs are very simple to train and are easy to administer. In addition, they are proven to have a nearly zero percent resistance rate by the youth and adults exposed to them. The amazing changes in attitude and desires brought on by these gifts of help allows us to witness a young person go from extreme acts of rage and abuse to respect and valuing authority. Yes, it's true! A unique advantage about these programs is they work effectively to assist adults in challenge, too. This allows us to create positive changes for some of the most deserving Americans' veterans and their families. These veterans have put their personal lives on hold to fight for all of us in America. They face immense stresses which no one should be expected to navigate without help. Our programs help those often forgotten by our society-the imprisoned populations of youth and adults. By providing them with new tools for thinking and decision making and creating alternatives, we spawn new determination and desires for them so that when they return to society they live full and honorable lives allowing them to become contributors to society.

Exciting as these times are, we need to work together as a socially aware society more than ever to prevent avoidable problems and improve well-being for all.

The changes our programs create in young people affects all aspects of their lives including school, work and social activities. We are eager to continue to provide YouthHealth USA's programs FREE of charge to benefit youth and young adults nationwide. When supplied our tools, family members and others volunteer to set aside time from their busy schedules to aid in America's hope for the future (our precious youth). All of us recognize it is vitally important that we never give up on helping our youth get on the right track and stick to it. This can be aided by utilizing skills gained from the programs that YouthHealth USA provides.

All of us benefit from developing higher life-skill resources, moral values, and day-to-day relationship skill sets. These characteristics will help create greater life opportunities, self respect, and increased respect for others!

It is our mission to continue to provide our positive life value building kits and books for FREE to those who wish to help both successful and troubled youth!

Many households simply cannot squeeze in the cost or time for therapists programs yet these families often need it the most. This is why we will continue to supply our kits free of charge. Today it is more important than ever to continue this mission and the expansion of it. We are already looking for more volunteers and avenues to fully fund the necessary training, books, and study materials that are required to achieve this ongoing task. If you would like to help, please let us know. We look to expand the gift of "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" campaign and Therapeutic Story Telling to a much broader base of communities, but that depends on people like you who are willing to volunteer time, money, or information. We help our elderly too and love the work of James D. Rosenberger of who specializes in this. We are excited to develop new tools for mass distribution and effective help and support as part of our campaign.


the "Contribute Now" button to help kids in America!

I am pleased to be associated with YouthHealth USA and the various projects it promotes in association with community partners.

Judging by the past accomplishments of its members, associates and consultants, I am confident that the young people of our nation will be well served in the years to come. I am particularly enthusiastic about YouthHealth USA's ongoing vision to have young people involved in genuine decision-making aspects of its operations. This is not only in line with federal and state policy, but also demonstrates that the organization values the contributions that young people can make to our society as a whole. YouthHealth USA was founded with an open arms policy so it could form robust partnerships with other successful organizations to achieve many common vital goals for our youth and our nation's moral well being. This kind of collaboration will minimize fragmentation of well-intentioned efforts, and mobilize the kind of momentum needed to achieve excellence on all fronts in a more timely fashion. Our program enables us to provide an opportunity to open the minds of all those participating, so they are more apt to take advantage of the many valuable life advancing programs that exist within our organization, the government, and many other wonderful organizations who help individuals with many aspects of life. It all adds to the current and future hope and development of positive life values.

We encourage open communication, mutual respect, honesty, and the personal dignifying of oneself and others including authority figures. We focus on healthier relationship building, respect, and desire for higher education. We support health management including exercise and healthy eating. We promote going green as a lifestyle. We point toward being financially responsible early on which leads to solid credit and debt management, home ownership, small business ownership, and retirement planning. Our goal is to create a path of continuous contribution to our society allowing life to be better for all. All of this comes by creating a spirit of hope and optimism. This happens only when positive life skills are developed! This is what YouthHealth USA is all about.

Many uses and examples of the success of YouthHealth USA's style therapeutic storytelling programs and tools can be found all around the world. In New Zealand the programs have has become a credible key part of that nation's reversal of very high trends of kids at risk. The results speak for themselves.

It has continued to yield great benefits in helping youth while continuing to evolve and improve. Therefore, we are staying current with our youth's advancements. The results? Higher living values for those who participate.

In turn, it's easy to see how having more youth benefit from these positive programs will help reverse the increasing trends towards a declining functionality and will begin a steady trend of improvement. We are seeing great results. When clinically used, this occurs at a rate far superior to comparable but outdated programs. Most of us would agree every incremental change for the better in the attitudes of our young adults is a good thing. YouthHealth USA partnered with others to help put together a powerful self help program CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE using tools in free kits that can be used by non-professionals as very effective life changing tool. These kits can be distributed at an extremely low cost. Let's build a better America today. We can help so many now while intelligently building a better world tomorrow.

When a professionally trained facilitator administers these programs we expect to see a 90 to near 100% improvement in attitude and behavior. This is great and amazing feat; however, we can only reach a limited number of youth in a fixed time period. We are partnering with other great sources to help place our kits, free of charge, to all the kids and families who need it most. Our goal is to distribute three million kits and provide support to all the recipients so they can be on the path to success. We see measured improvement of 70-85% in attitudes and positive decision making abilities of 92% of the kids who participate. So it doesn't take imagination to see how the campaign will cause a compounding momentum to lift millions more children. Our nation will be drastically and positively changed! Would that be something you want to be a part of?

We will see CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE become popular in social media, on buttons, hats, shirts, posters, movies, and games dedicated to such hope. The possibility and the impact on our society will be amazing and those 3 million kids will affect 30 million more and so on, and we can help BUILD A BETTER AMERICA and WORLD for all of us!


the "Contribute Now" button to help kids in America!

YouthHealth USA has already donated the use of homes for foster care transition programs. These programs assist young people toward successful independent living as they age. This removes a big burden from our government programs and gives the kids living values and living tools such as banking, check writing, creating and balancing budgets, goal setting, credit respect, resume assistance, and work ethics. Also, we continue to provide free mentoring support any time they want or need as long as they want.

We recognize that we have the tools to help young and old alike to develop increasingly honorable life values.

We also have a similar program that was designed with the help of the organization, “Young New Zealanders Foundation” for children under nine years of age. These life value lessons lead to lowering bullying, rebellion, anger, suicide, and illiteracy while exposing a more cooperative personality. These unique tools support healthier and stronger family/community units to develop. This in turn builds productive cities and states, and it stabilizes our nation at its core! Let's make life better for all support the (C2BP) CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE campaign.

The time to act is now! Please CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and help support youth, returning veterans, and other young people so they can all help build a stronger, more united, and stable America for all of us.

That means we, as a giant united family in America, need to focus on our common needs, and responsibilities to one another. We can let our DIFFERENCES exist without emotional judgments, so we can work together for the betterment for all... if we do "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Campaign (C2BP) We can and will join together as a united family facing the concerns of all our youth and their future and the future of their children boldly. Truly we can NO LONGER IGNORE the problem or continue putting Band-Aids on the issues or leave for another day or generation. We are at a point of urgency and need a neutral, non political and reliable path that will allow us to do the RIGHT THING and help all of us including all our children and young adults. So, let’s start Doing something POSITIVE NOW!Invest in YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE to be POSITIVE campaign (C2BP) it is a solid, simple, unique, result oriented path we can all come together under. So Lets Do This! .

You can make a powerful lasting difference. Join us to helping America's youth Be a part of the (C2BP), CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE campaign working to motivate all of America to CHOOSE2B more POSITIVE and become a more concerned, compassionate, and united family again. As we do this, millions of young people will be helped to have better, more positive, hope filled attitudes, without being singled out. We can, as individuals and companies, do all we can to invest in supplying all children with the necessary tools and support they need to learn to be thankful have better attitudes and make better decisions. This will help create better behavior in schools and at home. As a result, children will be an ongoing positive part of their own learning and future so they can benefit from many other supportive programs available to them. Kids will develop a stronger character resulting in a desire and ability to utilizee positive alternatives to their challenges. This will finally end the terrible and even violent events we hear about and experience daily.

The United States of America, will behave as a family again. We will open up to new and amazing possibilities and be helped to reach new heights and continue to be the most positive place in the world to live.

If we were already practicing being a more positive, outreaching family as a country what would be different? As I thought about that question, I began to feel righteous frustration at the self centered spirit leading to a lack of cooperation that permeates us at times and even our leaders at the cost of our children. We realize as an American Family if now we CHOOSE2B more POSITIVE to raise our spirit of cooperation immeasurable good can happen.I believe, today three adults and 20 beautiful, laughing and playing children with bright and wonderful futures would still be alive in Newtown and those families would not need to experiences that awful day. Out of respect for those young lives and so many others we need to do everything we can to build a more positive, cooperative America. We need to be intently concerned for the well being of one another, so we have the best possibility to avoid such things in the future. We can do this, So lets do it!!




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