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CLICK the "Contribute Now" button to HELP LIFT AMERICA and help us all CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

We operate with the belief all of us need encouragement and support to keep thinking positive at times and if we as a wise nation quit waiting on a sign that someone maybe struggling or in a crisis state and agree to come together despite differences to create a positive uplifting flow of energy in America NOW! We will start to touch lives whether they raise their hand or not to ask for help and get the much needed encouragement and support they need not to go over the edge. Have you know of anyone who committed suicide or did something harmful to others and no one could believe it? Often times people feel ashamed to need help and that includes children, veteran's, adults and senior citizens. we see without help being provided free of charge for everyone and until we create the momentum so it's a natural standard in school, on TV, on the radio, in sports and etc. we will keep getting increasingly negative results everyday such as kids dropping out School and College, increased drug abuse, suicides, domestic violence, crime, and family brake downs that contributed to the unimaginable extreme expression of selfishness, with out a flicker of conscious as we all felt and witnessed October 1st with the Las Vegas Shooting, September 11th in New York, April 11 Columbine shooting, and too many more.

We need everyone's help so we can supply free mentoring, counseling, support and tools to help bring hope and positive thinking to everyone and especially those effected by such tragedies, including victims, and families of victims and youth confused and facing negative reactions and responses like guilt, anger, fear, grief. Our tools build courage, hope, coping abilities, positive thinking, and to help them raise their heads up so they separated light and can keep going forward with a CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE attitude and dream again...

One of our Las Vegas Ambassadors Gloria Ceriglia was effected greatly by the Las Vegas massacre. It brought back a freighting and tragic time in her life as her niece was at the concert October 1st and was among those under attack. Alysen Cerniglia is the same age as Gloria's son who at just 16 was kidnapped with his girl friend Carrie18 at the time and murdered by three 18 year olds. The bodies of Shawn Cerniglia and his girlfriend Carrie Lynn Heiden were found murdered execution style and decomposing 3 months after being kidnapped. Their car was found in February three months earlier burnt with no bodies in it, a mother's worst nightmare. Ms. Cerniglia had just recently sent her son who grew up in Las Vegas to Colorado to his dad's. Talk about feeling guilty, helpless, full of grief, frustration, anger, helplessness and rage, yet both parents had courage to keep moving forward and knew in time to heal they had to forgive the murders of their son because of the obvious poison in their hearts and minds that let them choose to become killers and do such a heartless evil with the same cold disregard of life as the mass murderer in the Las Vegas Shooting which we will be coping with for years to come, yet their forgiving never should be mistaken for excused not condemning the actions of the killer so that their is still desire for the full punishment of the law to be on the killer.

The two boys involved both got two life sentences plus 60 years. In time one committed suicide. Five lives lost behind a lack of good decisions and positive thinking but at least the families got to speak there mind and have some closure. Unlike this case of the Las Vegas shooter who was not only poisoned but a cowardly man who robbed families, victims, and everyone of their chance to express their feelings and disgust for him and have some tiny bit of closure. Lisa Gloria's niece thankfully finally got word out that she was physical okay yet the emotional scars can run deep and last long and that's why Gloria volunteers with YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement to encourage people to forgive others yet condemn actions and keep moving forward with hope and courage to a place of clarity, calm and coping.

When you support this movement you will help change the negative results happening in lives all around you. We can't stop mother nature but we can dramatically effect the negative thinking that goes on just out of site, often behind close doors and closed mouths, while in public, so no one knows or gets to sees the scars we have suffered and pain we may be in behind our smiles, pride before the fall. This hidden churning of negative emotions will create at times, a ticking time bomb of unbridled hate and rage especially in the absence of positive input, thinking, empathy, compassion and good mentors and examples. Without regular and ongoing positive inputs a healthy development of what we call a good consciousness or some would call a godly conscious will like not takes place only a thin façade. The absence of a good conscious is to allow for bad/negative reinforced thinking and decision making and actions, reflected in selfishness, failure, hate and ultimately a pressing desire to want to noticed by hurting oneself or others as a release from ones own internal stress.

This planet is a little space ship traveling at 40,000 miles per hour around our sun and we overlook and yet it all in our minds and eyes we . Wouldn't you agree to keep our Earth healthy for the future we need to be intensely interested in our fellow passengers/citizens wellbeing and ability to do their part in keeping our world healthy, thriving and breathing too. Millions of those living in America can do better and will benefit for the rest of their lives with a little mentoring guidance and support that the CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE Movement seeks to always supply for free with the help of positive businesses and people.

"Hi everyone I am Cynthia La Grande Silva and I am an Executive Volunteer Ambassador of YouthHealth USA Inc. and I wanted to share with you that the founders of this movement has made a lasting positive difference in thousands of lives including mine. I was once that troubled kid that needed that needed help to think different and make positive decisions even though I had great parents. Where would I be? No one should feel ashamed to need help! We need a positive place to unite that is Neutral and Non-political and this is it. So why not join me click below and help with a dollar or $5 dollars or whatever you want to give to help lift people so we can all lift America to its best future ever!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

CLICK Haiti Disaster" with your approval we will set 5% of your contribution aside to help children in America's neighbor country Haiti, that suffers under a staggering 80% poverty rate mention Haiti on note of your contribution. Otherwise Your 100% of your contribution stays in America to save lives and bring more hope to all those living in America so we can all live life with more safety, peace and joy! CLICK" the "Contribute Now" button to HELP LIFT AMERICA and help us all CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE!

below to learn more about Haiti, Thank You!


Do you recognize the central obligation to help all children grow up to be contributors to society is ultimately the responsibility of society? The damage done as we stand back waiting for the government or others, including absentee parents to fix the dropout rate in our schools over the past 20 years is slowly compounded a critical state that is crippling America under 100's of billions of dollars of recoverable underachievement debt annually. This has huge negative implications for our future.

Now is the time to come together and turn this around. Why are we lowering our standards verses lifting our children up to meet our standards? Why did we eliminate cursive writing in public schools? Why are we not creating family sustaining jobs for those who are graduating high school, trade schools, Colleges and universities? Do you want to help stabilize AMERICA and BUILD ITS BRIGHTEST FUTURE EVER?

Invest intelligently in a America through YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement and help us help every child in America be lifted up weather they have little or much. we all can use encouragement and help. We also help young adults, Service member and there families, Veterans including those facing invisible wounds like PTS(D we don't like the label disorder), their wife's, children, and our fallen Protectors, their families and children of all sectors military, police, fire, etc., to have whatever they need to maintain or gain positive attitudes, better behavior public and private, better values and decision making skills which strengthens families and individuals, and supports higher accomplishments in their lives and educational goals to enhance their future successes. This in turn helps them grow up to be strong contributors to society and to the success and stability of America leading to it's best future ever!

America is in trouble in a large part do to an increasingly prevalent message of selfishness, narcissism and indifference, that popular culture often communicates. We as adults must lead the way in reversing that if we want to see a better America. You can CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and help Americas future, which is its children through us today! Your support gets on the ground right away via our simple yet highly effective and efficient strategies that are designed to help all of America's children receive individually what they need to move forward with success. This means your investment quickly starts improving attitudes, skill sets, and behavior in even the most challenged and disadvantaged of America's children! The focus is to help each child be able to take their fullest advantage of primary and even secondary education!! As children expand their social world, the messages from others become increasingly influential. we can actively create a critical mass of people and institutions that will support and reinforce our CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) message and build the much need compassion and determination for individual and community success. Our unique help assists children regardless of current educational success, family make-ups, situations, or a lack of any family at all. With enough funding and our army of senior citizens and other volunteers working with us united across America through our CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement there is no limit to the number of children we can help! Our model allows us to reach everywhere in America to help children maximize their fullest potential for positive results in what is their whole life experience in school and out as young people!!

YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement states, "We the people, must set aside our differences, Choose2BPositive, and unite our resources and momentum in one place with one common goal to lift America by lifting up every child in America!" We help children see they are very important and have value and purpose as citizens of America. However, we help them conclude that an attitude of ENTITLEMENT is not the answer. We show them the big picture early, which is that this country belongs as much to them as it does to adults, if not more! They begin to perceive they are responsible for it even now and that they can and will make dreams come true as they open up and take better advantage of their potential at this crucial stage in there life! As we reach more youth, and help them create more positive results for themselves, we in fact are helping open a path to America's best and most exciting future ever!! We are working to empower all of America's children, with exactly what they need individually, to find and stay on the road to their ongoing success for the rest of their lives... We are reaching out to the responsible hero in all of us who wants to step up and protect their family, it's future, and our country. We cannot wait on the government to solve all our domestic challenges!!

The problem is we have become afraid of the government and in reality the government should be afraid of the people. Our children and grand children's futures are at risk. America is not sustainable on its current path for most of us. We all need to be a part of the solution, even if we have no kids because we all carry the weight of unproductive youth and adults. We need to unite to solve these issues and others. We must open our own eyes and mouths and have more open and honest conversations about real issues in American. None, more important than our children's future which is the responsibility of all of us!

We are building the necessary momentum to reverse the tide of negative attitudes, values and the economic tsunamis facing many of us now and in the future from children growing up with out the tools and skill sets to succeed. YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement invites lots of input and participation as we open a better future for all of us! Strong families and education are keys to any countries strength and we address both these challenges in a smart doable way. We utilize our army of senior citizens volunteers to help our YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement spread locally and across our country quickly!

Click video Above to learn about our life changing and saving tools and how their implemented and are utilized and incorporated as a bolt on to any other successful program as a catalyst to change behaviors quickly for the better. This assists more kids to open up and benefit from utilizing programs like United Way, Job Core, Rotary clubs, Schools, Girls Clubs, Juvenile Halls, Clinics, Libraries, etc. or simply parents. DARE New Zealand with the support of the Police built a program "Dare to make change" using our YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement's tool the Gem and therapeutic Story Telling.. 


YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement (C2BP) has built a high quality, smart, open source, effective, fast paced, practical solution to stop the enormous financial costs associated with lack of education and drop outs from high school and life. As you invest in us we help not just reduce the cause of crime, incarceration, unemployment, substance abuse, unplanned parent hood, family violence, illiteracy, laziness, disrespect and so much more. We actually change behavior and attitudes so old patterns that used to result in giant burdens on society now replaced with new positive patterns results in a benefit to society and participants. With over 1.3 million drop outs in each graduating year it creates a foot print in excess of $250 billion dollars of debt for each classes lifetime and that can swell to be as much as three times that amount each class which is staggering and not acceptable.

Would you agree we can all use a little encouragement at times to have a more positive attitude, to be kinder, to forgive more quickly, to make room for others imperfection and growth and to be more supportive and up lifting? With YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement (C2BP), encouraging, supportive and positive tools are supplied free of charge. We help turn lives around. When life seems hard and unfair, giving up is no longer an option! We guide children to realize that despite any negativity they may face there is still much to be positive. One lesson we teach is there is nothing you can cut so thin it does not have two sides. You can "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) and find the positive side and begin to see we have a lot to give daily thanks for, our program helps one to pause, open their eyes, minds and hearts to see and accept their positive truths and self values and reach for goals and dreams and advance their lives and help others around them do the same. When any of us consciously accept that truth, we can attract increasing amounts of good in to our lives. We then start to trust ourselves to forgive ourselves and others. We start believing positive things can and do happen to us and pointing toward them and talking about them. We get our focus on where we want to go verses where we are. That's when we start walking on a path that allows our dreams to manifest into realities. Children express their want to become the best they can be and advisement and success happen!!!


As a national movement we can significantly reduce dropout rates in high school and in college!

YouthHealth USA, uses smart and proven tools, like specialized storytelling-to open the path for millions of children to change quickly as we get them the help and tools they need. We are enabling them to develop better attitudes, decision making skills and so much more without judgments. These internal changes and developments then lead to good alternative choices to anger, rebellion, bullying, disrespect, apathy, self destructive self talk, lying, etc. Communication and cooperation opens up, education and good work ethics become desired, and strong good core values are reinforced and accepted as OK. Instant gratification no longer dominates actions and choices. Daily, wiser choices become easier to make, this leads to lasting success in many areas, more laughter and greater happiness. Helping America's youth so they can have the tools attitude and skills to benefit from our education system is too important and in too big a crisis in America for any of us to stand back and think I don't have kids or my kids are fine and not participate in lifting America and all its children because they belong to all of us, They are our future. We must do whatever we can to help them be their best so they live life with more peace, hope, happiness, success, joy and as positive contributors to society. Each child we fail to help, may grow up to be a tax burden costing society an astonishing $1,875,000 over each of their lifetimes verses a tax contributor! Why waste that money?

We are changing children's lives everyday and ending hundreds of thousand of dollars in tax burden with each child that we help succeed in education and life. YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement (C2BP) We can get this enormous task done far faster than anyone can imagine. It only takes an investment of $325 dollars per child to supply exactly what they need to turn their life around and open a positive future, includes tools, mentoring and other support items. Compared that to a conservative $875,000 dollar burden an underachieving child can become if we don't help them as a part of society to do better especially with the privatizing of prisons motivated by profits which tax payers pay for. How many kids should not seek to help? You are the key to our success; you can be a game changer and start helping America and redeeming young lives today so lets all "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) and get this crucial job done of Improving our children's and grand children's futures!

HELP LIFT AMERICA CLICK the "Contribute Now" button and Let's all CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

YouthHealth USA believes it is important to help all kids know that America belongs as much to them as it does to any of us. In the future adults will retire and will not be able to monetarily contribute further to society. The youth of today and their children will be inheriting what we have left behind. We need to help youth see they can and do make a difference. The best way to help guarantee things will be better in the future is to understand the ground our kids stand on today already belongs to them. When they start appreciating that fact, they will start caring more about their future and be willing to contribute to a better America for themselves seek to be the best citizens they can and encourage others to do the same.

Besides all the live interactive work we are doing with children we are currently building a dedicated CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) web site where people can come and be refreshed, have fun, share and interact with tons of positive up-building things for free. You will find encouraging stories. For example, there is a story of a homeless man who said he would not be homeless and without his wife and family if he had only practiced PTC (Patience, tolerance and compassion.) People will share other uplifting, positive accounts and stories. We received one in honor of a very wonderful and positive person named Kathryn Lynn Jackels. Kathryn died far too young, after a long, hard two and a half year battle with cancer. Her four beautiful children bravely shared some of their personal thoughts and memories at her memorial. They cried and laughed as did the other mourners over flowing to standing room only. One of her children said, "My mom always made sure to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and because of that she never had a bad day!"

Another one of her children shared that despite her horrible pain and suffering, her mom always focused on caring for others at all times. Kathryn's husband, Jack, said of his precious wife, "she forgave spontaneously and loved unconditionally." As she gave to others her day became more positive, even though she was suffering. We can all learn from Kathy and her family's examples. If we(C2BP) CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE, we look to love, forgive, comfort, and support others no matter what challenges we have, or pain, or loss or grief we face in our lives. We will never have a bad day that will take away our love for life, joy in caring for others and happiness in knowing we have purpose. We can CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE, cherish every minute and keep hope and determination for a better tomorrow alive in our minds as we make the best of the day!

YouthHealth USA also understands the extra stresses and urgent priority of supporting the special needs of America's Protectors and their Families. We invite you to join the momentum of helping AMERICA and its YOUTH "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE"

Supporting our Protectors

Make your contribution NOW! Change the lives of our youth FOREVER!!!

Get your free wristband when you contribute. Let people know you care

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Listen to experts
Brian Gerrard talks about TSI and how it is being used at the University of San Francisco read how the TSI system works from the professionals who use it.
Ron Phillips talks about TSI and the Splendora book series. Click on the image to watch the video.

Experts speak

USF logo

A Letter From USF...

It was a pleasure to meet with you again in October along with the TSI's USA Leaders: Michael Bolden, Executive Director/National Secretary of YouthHealthUSA and International, and Tanya Dennis, Head for the education Board of YouthHealthUSA. Our discussion of the ways we can work together to bring Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention to the University of San Francisco's Mission Possible schools was most productive. The USF Center for Child and Family Development is involved yearly with about 30 San Francisco/Bay area schools. We place MFT trainees in the schools and they provide School-Based Family Counseling to at risk students and their families. The schools (both public and Catholic) have a serious lack of resources with an average of only 1 counselor for every 350 students. We have wanted, for many years, to add a group counseling component to our Mission Possible program. However we have lacked the resources to deliver it. I believe that your Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI) program is exactly what we need in these schools. The TSI program has a number of strengths that make it a useful approach for School-Based Family Counselors to more

Chub B. Bear


You can make a difference! YOUR Sponsorship helps open a door for many of our troubled youth to the opportunities that come from gaining higher values, principles and morals so often missing today. Along with that they will be helped to develop a more cooperative, respectful, teachable attitude powered by hope and truth allowing for success in life despite their current circumstances. This makes available to them endless possibilities in being valued as part of our society and not a burden to it! this program also enhances and reinforces the positive tools some young people already have while helping whole families to circle around being in better harmony and unity to a peaceful happy fun filled life where respect, patience, long suffering support and enduring healthy love is the norm. Helping a house, an apartment, or even a tent become a home We all agree it should start in the family however we would all agree many families are torn apart and weighed down. So we need to back up and see the bigger family picture, which includes all of us. So please Contribute what you can as often as you can and join us in our effort to make available free of charge to financially challenged households especially single parent households and foster care and other challenged family settings and facilities the tools and support needed to give better dreams to our youth and help them turn those dreams into their realities! YOUR HELP DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE AND FUTURE OF A YOUNG PERSON. YouthHealth USA Inc. thanks you for caring enough to take the time to make a difference.

~* Read about YouthHealth USA's Literacy Program! *~


Our youth is our future, your contribution is appreciated. It is our goal to provide all our products, free of charge, to any guardian, parent or young person, as well as schools and programs. Your contribution helps makes that happen.


the "Contribute Now" Help us Lift America!

Please mail all correspondence and checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139


Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI)
has been applied in many different areas including:


The Youth Health Team



outhHealth USA Inc. and our "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement". are NEUTRAL and NON-POLITICAL so everyone, including celebrities, sports teams, businesses and organizations can step up and help support our fun and smart C2BP Movement without fear of reprisal despite any position they hold because our cause to "HELP LIFT AMERICA TO ITS BEST FUTURE EVER!"By helping all of us living in America to have as much encouragement, support, tools, mentoring that we each need to live more positive lives in thinking, behavior, decission making, attitude and actions in what we do with the wellbeing of our others in mind especially young adults and children because they are the true future of America. The deserve to grow up with more hope, love and compassion than ever before in America.

Wouldn't you agree helping lift America and all its children to a better future should always remain bigger than differences like race, politics, religion, and etc. that we too often let polarize us and divide us from uniting the power of our resouces together to better face giant common resolvable issues like underachevement which are big burdens on America and its better future. CBS, NBC, and ABC set a commendable example for all of us all when they decided to move past their fierce competitive differences and once a year recognize curing breast cancer as a cause to be bigger than their differences and pool their resources together to produce a powerhouse telethon that accomplishes an exponential amount of good for that important cause because of uniting like a superhero team. With there example in mind it is evident that any well intentioned business or individual can choose to stand up with the C2BP Movement. to make a super team helping America be on the path to its best and most positive future Ever. Our organization is not built to compete with others but Instead we are actually built with a vision and strategy to come along side other programs, schools, families and individuals to assist them, without charge, to be supercharged and create even quicker and greater successes in live, missions, and goals as you will see in the VIDEO BELOW Listen as Steven Spivey founder of the WRITTEN  EXPRESS company describes how working together we create greater momentum leading to more good things manifesting quicker for those being reached out to.

What example is America currently setting? Shouldn't everyone living in America want to be a part supporting something positive that allows us all to share together in helping America? Close your eyes and Imagine for a minute an America where we are all encouraged to be more positive in our behavior, attitudes and decission making where the access to the tools, mentoring and support to do better and be better in our daily lives, is available free of charge. An America where we stop being in denial that we can all benefit from more mental and emotional positive reinforcement to get past things like the looping negative thoughts, that we all get in at times. We often need a little help to see how to forgive ourselves and others more quickly and stand up to bullying, hate, disrespect, mean hearted judgment just to name a few things that keep us stuck. Our mission includes replacing the rampant negative trends with more respect, honorability, honesty, hope, accountability, love, light, happiness as the normal again. Our movement is all about lifting others up everyone especially those to often taken for granted from or elderly, veterans, senior citizens, single parent house holds, foster children and other children in challenge to our affluent and outwardly successful who children who are often in turmoil inside because all children our are Americas future, Right! We have for years seen the effects of negative trends like that of a growing like school and college drop out rates, and entitlement behavior increase and etc. leading to a growing underachievement that alone burdens America down to the tune of over $400 billion a year. Imagine as we together grow popularity and momenteum beind the C2BP Movement and put into action nation wide a positive, smart, fun, free of charge stratagy full of life changing tools, Ideas, support and volunteers so as we succeed we can redirect recovered under achievement funds to better uses like creating millions of livable wage jobs all across America to help rebuild Americas infrastructure, highways, bridges, sewer systems, dams, and the electric grids to name a few which open a workable path to America's best future ever!

We remind people this is their life and regardless of what others have done or not done for you or to you or what's going on in your life, you can always choose to "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE. and smile and make everyday a winning day for yourself and others if you choose to.  Allow us to point out that 99.99% of having the possibility of a great day is found simply in waking up... WHY NOT CHOOSE TO HELP YOURSELF AND AMERICA RIGHT NOW BY LETTING GO OF ANY NEGATIVE AND SHALLOW THINKING AND INSTEAD THINK OF SOMETHING'S POSITIVE YOU CAN BE THANKFUL FOR... LIKE THE OXYGEN NATURE IS MAKING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW TO BREATH, FREE OF CHARGE. AT TIMES WE ALL FORGET TO APPRECIATE  WHAT A SPECIAL THING IT IS TO SIMPLY BE ALIVE RIGHT HERE ON THIS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL PLANET IN THE UNIVERSE, SEEING IN COLOR, HEARING WITH VIBRANCE, BREATHING WITH FRAGRANCE! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! THE EARTH PROVES IT, PROTECT IT AND IT WILL PROTECT YOU. YOU CAN HAVE, DO AND BE ANYTHING YOU WANT and never get stuck in the quicksand of negative thinking and behavior again if you simply realize you have the right to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE. Regardless what is happening in your life just keep moving forward no matter how tiny or big your steps forward are just keep taking them and you will get to your dream. We all deserve a dream to focus on and little reminders all around us that encourage us to laugh louder, forgive quicker and CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP), especially in difficult times so we stay balanced and keep living more happily as we help others around us do the same with out judgement.

Please take a moment to click on the video clip above showing our segment from the highly acclaimed TV show "60 Minutes" about just one of our life changing and saving tools we supply with out fee we created in California to help participants think and reason better as we help develop or reinforce a solid and positive foundation that can last a lifetime. Our tools are proven to help even those in deepest crisis as you will see. We use them to help youth all across New Zealand and working to spread all across America. This tool was built very smartly to be uniquely nonintrusive and simple to facilitate by volunteers with no special skills and yet still effective and lasting at building and reinforcing positive thinking and decision making skills in everyone including those in deep crisis as you will see as Ron demonstrates it.



Would you agree America is deserving of us all, privileged enough to live here, to work a little harder to "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) more often and widen out to be more responsible, forgiving, caring, loving, kind and willing to do the most right thing more often even when its difficult and be a an active part of helping give America its best future ever? No doubt we all know someone who is under some sort of stress secretly or publically in one way or another that could use a little help, right? Many are very deserving of help such as veterans, teenagers in crisis, senior citizens and of course single parent households many doing their absolutely best with what tools they have without complaint. Many would benefit from a little volunteer support that helps guide them to keep moving forward and assure them nobility and self worth are not measured in being wealthier, better looking or smarter than someone else. True nobility and self worth are found in a goal of being a better person than yourself yesterday.... and all of us can C2BP and win at being a better person everyday.


We wisely use non intrusive yet very effective tools via volunteers in person or through wide spread media and other sources to lift as many as possible to think and be more positive. Our goal of seeking to help as many as possible and uniting the power of the people together can end expected negative statistic like Americas foster children having a less than 3% chance of going to college even though over 70% of foster kids express that they would like to go to college at one point or another before they age out of foster care. Beautiful and unselfish people and organizations do a great job of feeding and sheltering even the most challenged such as the homeless and we come along side such to bring the extra help, tools, mentoring and support to refocus hope, raise positive thinking and develop desire and belief again for success in those capable to get on a workable path to standing up, stabilizing, and become self sufficient and that helps lift America. We can all pitch in to help each other and reverse what is too often the reality experienced these days of judging, putting others down or waiting on the Government to fix things?

WE ARE STRIVING TO UNITE THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE TOGETHER and lead the way to facing giant issues affecting us all and costing tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars that can be redirect to rebuilding America's infrastructures  and creating millions of good paying jobs as we together reverse the negative trends choking out Americas better future. Trends such as negative attitudes, behavior, entitlement, dishonesty, underachievement, greed, lying and the polarizing effects of politics and religion to name a few that are keeping us stuck in the quicksand of denial. Yet, despite denial, the reality is all around us reflected in the observation of divorce and family brake downs as a growing trend, high school and college dropout rates on the increase or already far to unacceptable as a trend, drug abuse on the increase, PTSD, ADHD, depression and suicide are all on the rise, there is noticeable unrest and a growing since of despair. Rebellion, entitlement, selfishness, anger, lack of compassion and so much more, are becoming the norm and feeds thoughtless evil acts of rage and violence in privacy of homes as well as public places and sadly in extreme massive scales of expressions to maximum harm in selfish acts like the recent Las Vegas massacre. Who among us wouldn't want to be a part of helping end such negative trends in America? Would you agree we need more honesty, accountability and love in America and the world? We are seeking to encourage everyone to stand up and be better people and to make efforts to encourage others to do the same.

Would you agree we all suffer under negative thinking at times and pressures from circumstances of life. Often we can have too much pride to admit we need help. Interestingly not admitting need help can turn out to be selfish as it leads often to more negative thinking and unproductive actions. We can see the results of both positive and negative thinking all around us and in the news. As we grow the momentum to increase positive thinking  and reduce negative thinking we will reduce negative trends and grow positive trends toward a better future! YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement. is helping to bring together a little bit of positive power from each of us to feed what is becoming an UNSTOPPABLE POSITIVE FORCE for good and that is exciting in a good way. We are built with the intention to get us all working together in the smartest of ways so we can as a UNITED NATION more quickly face and reverse some negative trends. Our goal is to help everyone think more positive. We Cleary recognize if we encourage everyone to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) more often both in their private and public lives. Do you want see and be a part of more positive trends and positive changes in millions of lives all across America and build a better future for all of us?

We aim high by staying determined to supply whatever mentoring, guidance, support, and tools are needed to individuals and groups and schools without charge all across America. As we all chip in even if its a kind word or smile we will truly be leading the way to solving some of the giant common issues choking out America's best future. We can end negative trends like the growing underachievement and entitlement behavior that are costing America hundreds of billions of dollars every year and worse tearring families apart. There is true power in uniting to create enormous positive momentum capable of changing the future to make things better for everyone in America. As we spread more positive in Ameeica we will effect the world too. We will give our planet and all its inhabitants animal, humans and plants their best future too! How does that sound? A major part to fulfilling that goal starts with us helping all childen and adults to either reinforce their good behavior or to develop new and better habits, thinking ability, decision making skills with their and others hopes, dreams and happiness in mind.

WHY WOULD ANY HEALTH MINDED PERSON LIVING IN AMERICA NOT WANT TO SUPPORT THE GOAL of LIFTING AMERICA TO ITS BESTFUTURE EVER? We believe in inviting everyone everywhere in America to be a part of growing positive momentum so we can keep growing and supplying without charge whatever tools, mentoring and support is need to by children or adults and especially for veterans and senior citizens so they feel valued, safe, hopeful, successful, happy and able to rise up and achieve thier best sucesses in school and life so they have a passion to be life time contributers our nations on going best future ever.

We see widely spreading the popularity of building America Best future on a foundation based on good values, good work ethics, good principles and positive attitudes full of gratitude as a key. Would you agree along with America's youth we as a nation need to open paths for every veteran and senior citizens in trouble to find more hope and purpose daily so many more can stand taller and even choose to volunteer time to encourage others especially children to be more forgiving, positive and loving in whatever they do everyday. Wouldn't you agree if their is more stability, positive productivity, and up lifting of one another everywhere vs. growung underachievement, selfishiness, entitlement behavior and the tearing down of one another both in word and deed even behind close doors in our own families we can expect much better outcomes and ever growing trends toward positive results? This movement is nuilt to bringing a better future for America, the planet and yourselve, so why not decide right now to join in and CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE MOVEMENT (C2BP) and be a bigger winner, as part of a positive team and movement for America!

We open the door to a safer and more effective way to mentor and help by being able to work with small groups of youth and adults whether in crisis along with whole families too. We are accustomed to tremendous improvements in personal thinking, behavior and attitudes very quickly and lastingly by using our unique tools. One of these tools was developed by our own Ron Philips and his lovely wife. They moved their whole family to New Zealand to deepen their research into unique strategies that maximize change for the better in youth and adults quickly. For example New Zealand's D.A.R.E., which is a great program that some had said it had interestingly gotten a little outdated. New Zealand 's D.A.R.E. program was originally brought to life right here in America about 40 years ago by one of our Directors, Edward L. Bolden Jr. who sponsored travelers to come from New Zealand so they could be fully immersed and trained up in facilitating and starting New Zealand with the support of Rotary International. Seven years ago our tools came along side D.A.R.E New Zealand to supercharge it and helped it to be much more effective and supported in going on to create their own new more productive tools!

We recognize everyone can use encouragement daily to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and to behave a little better AS WE CHOOSE TO DO THE OPPOSITE OF THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS WE ALL HAVE AT TIMES!! YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE Movement (C2BP) teaches that we can all be winners. If we have the courage and ambition to enter a race and we don't give up till we cross the finish line we are all winners! We may not be 1st place, 2nd pace, 9th place or 1,000,000,000th place yet we are still a winner by as long as we never give!! Lets all help each other be more optimistic and good natured again, without expecting perfection. How about encouraging each other to be more honest, fair, kind, good, patient, tolerant, compassionate, forgiving of others and ourselves. Lets be willing to ask before concluding and reacting with a negative action just on what we think with out it being a fact. Lets have pride yet still be willing to be open and accept what ever help we ourselves may need to be able to think more positive, be more positive and make better decisions with our and others futures in mind. That's how we will prove by your example of doing unconditional good things that we are winners everyday. WOW, can you imagine how much stronger, stable, beautiful and peaceful America and the world can be as we work together to intelligently face and solve common issues? We can not afford 1to wait any longer on the government to fix the challenges that only we working together can and we should not wait on a struggling guardian who perhaps is under-equipped and ill prepared themselves currently to brake their own bad patterns, when a child can be helped today by the village till their guardian can

Make your contribution NOW! HELP GIVE AMERICA ITS BEST FUTURE EVER Change lives for the better FOREVER!!!

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Have you ever noticed when a natural disaster happens, we tend to stand up together, set our differences down, and pitch in to help lift people up and make things better despite them being a strangers to us! Wouldn't you agree that is what good natured business and people are suppose to do, without hesitation? Who among us has not suffered, in some way under the effects of a massive social earthquake that has popularized behavior and ideas that are crumpling the stabilizing foundations that America was built on like mutual respect, loyalty, honesty, unconditional love, faithfulness, patience, tolerance, compassion, good work ethics, family pride, appreciation, kindness, generosity, manners, politeness, consistence in our public and private lives, which are what made this country different and allowed us all to trust and enjoy the best example and manifestation on this beautiful blue planet we call earth, of Life, Liberty and Justice for all?

Yes, There are lots of great programs out their helping youth and adults. Yet, wouldn't you agree, things are not getting better fast enough and we could use a new Idea? YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE Movement (C2BP) is a brilliant idea built not to compete with but to unite with and help other good programs advance their mission, as part of us advancing our own mission across America... The CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE MOVEMENT! Is a simple, unifying, big idea that easily motivates consciousness businesses and people weather younger or older, affluent or not to get behind supporting it with their wherewithal be that time, money, creativity, programs, apps, materials, games, suggestions, etc.. Even if you fell you have nothing to give you have a smile to give, a pat on the back, or a kind word of encouragement. We can all be part of the solution by being examples using positive words to lift people up, especially youth, veterans, the elderly, or a single parent household under great distress.

The high school graduation rate across America has been approximately 66% over the past 25 years and that has taken a huge toll on our society as a whole. Now a new deception is happening where they are graduating some groups of kids with a diploma or what they can call a partial diploma so they can claim America is approaching a 90% graduation rate. That sounds great, Yet hold on, under the light of truth and honesty 95% of those groups counted toward raising the graduating numbers which are mostly coming from inner city schools where children actually are being allowed to graduate High School even though they are unable to read at an 8th grade level. What do you think about that? These fellow American's end up having fewer choices in life because of giving up on going the extra mile for these youth in trouble who need what is not part of a teachers job. They need extra help to see their own value and potential so they want to learn and get extra help to catch up. Most however, have no one in their life to properly guide them on their journey toward success. Would you agree Its very difficult for anyone to support themselves, let alone a family if they only have an 8th grade education? Yes, some awesome people have done so, yet the mass majority haven't and that leads to government (tax dollar) supplementation, increases in crime and so much more negative. This in turn creates huge unnecessary burdens on us all that we can fix if we work together. Most of these young people and even those making it to college who drop out before graduating just need a little help, guidance and mentoring to see there potential and to think positive and accept help. We help youth value wanting a good reputation and name for themselves, while discovering their dream that they are willing to work hard to achieve.

The math is simple a few hundred dollars spent to mentor each kid in trouble to get them on track and aimed toward a lifetime of success as good contributors to society. Or we can each choose to stand back, do nothing and wait for someone else to fix it while we spend approximately a million dollars per child over their life time coddling them. Lets tell the rest of the hard truth, AMERICA is also is under pressure from other negative trends such as dishonesty, domestic violence, bullying, unbridled anger, family dis-functionality and breakdown, rampant underachievement, lack of appreciation and forgiveness, isolation, and polarizing over political and other types of individual ideology, depression, and etc.. Together such things cost America 100's of billions in tax dollars each year. We could all do better and be better neighbors and citizens regardless of who's in office which would be a course of wisdom. Why, because we would give the government the help it needs to be able to redirect 100's of billions of tax dollars, that will no longer be needed to supplement negative results from negative behavior. Those recovered funds can be used to create good paying jobs as the government can then fund the rebuilding our nations infrastructures including our antiquated electrical grid as just one example.

WILL YOU HELP US LIFT UP AMERICA AND ALL ITS CHILDREN TO HAVE THEIR BEST FUTURE EVER? We are making it fun to want to study, work hard, be more honest, do more kind things and lift each other up to be better in the way we treat each other in our homes and in public! We wisely utilize a volunteer army of senior citizens and others all across America to intelligently accomplish this enormous task more quickly, effectively and efficiently. We work to supply, free of charge, whatever tools, support, and mentoring are needed to help, anyone and everyone, anywhere to create more balance in their life. leading to more happiness, success and positive contribution to their family, neighborhood, city and society as a whole for the rest of their life! Only with the volunteer help and contributions from conscious good hearted people and business are we able to bring those most in need our tools and mentoring techniques that are non-intrusive so we can reach a person more quickly. Our modalities create balance in a persons emotional well being, self esteem, dignity, hope, feeling of acceptance and importance, safety, positive thinking and their recognition that their life is deserving of unconditionally love. This reinforcement develops greater balance opens the door to create more joy, happiness, and peace so that a child or adult can do better in life, and not let difficulties and challenges stall there moving forward. Quitting or suicide are not any longer an option, instead patience, tolerance and coping ability grows and clarity happens so that work, education, and personal relations become extremely manageable! Who doesn't want more of that to be true for themselves or others? Let me ask you, which of us would not want to support something that can create these types of ongoing regular outcomes for us and especially for all our nations youth?

Would you agree we can all use a little encouragement and help at times weather we are taller, shorter, affluent or not, younger or older, Christian Jewish, Muslim, Non Believer or some place in-between? We are all neighbors on this space ship we call earth and amazingly we are traveling at 40,000 miles an hour around the sun. Wow, just take a moment to think about that... Doesn't it make since that what we do or don't do every day creates ripples that effects things and people around us now and through time into the future. Would you agree if we live life with some since of realization of these truths and own our responsibility to leave the world better than when we got here, while still having fun, we will all stand a better chance of creating more stability, success and happiness for ourselves and others now?

YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE Movement (C2BP) helps create key balance in the thinking of children, young adults, and any one it touches. Yet we have a focus toward children in trouble be that because of angry, depressed, hopeless, isolation, gangs, absentee parent, domestic violence issues or etc.. we also focus on active service member and Veterans and their families, especially any facing the invisible wounds reflected in PTS (We don't like the "D" in PTSD for Disorder, as a label so at times we write PTS) One under thought of youth victim is a unique group of heroes which are the children and families of fallen Protectors from all sectors of service be that Military, Fire, Law enforcement or etc..

Our mission is to be sure every child and adult, those doing good and those in trouble, have whatever they need to maintain or gain more hope, positive thinking, positive attitudes, better values, better decision making skills along with better behavior both publicly and privately,, with their and others futures in mind. As we do this together with your help we strengthen families, individuals and communities despite differences so we all can strive and reach higher accomplishments in our lives, carriers and educational goals. And that in turn results in helping build strong lifetime contributors to society and lowers burdens on it. As we together work to do this we enhance the future for everyone and stabilize and lift America to its greatest successes and open the door to it's best future ever!

Once we unlock a heart and mind to CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) we help them focuses on ending self destructive, behavior, negative self talk, looping negative thoughts, anger, selfishness, lying, rage, uncontrolled aggravation, frustration, lack of self forgiveness and of others, grief, guilt and etc. We keep communication open. A person may not like or even say they hate someone, however in truth it is more accurate to say we don't like or hate that what a person thinks, says or does, verses the person them self. Like a parent often does their child. They may not like something their child did or is doing but they don't hate their child on the contrary they forgive them quickly and still have hope they will use the potential found in their being alive to change their thinking and behavior for the better. So in truth a parent most often condemns their actions not them. Which is wise because when a person feels judged or that you don't care they shut down and you can't help anyone, if they shut you out, including your own children. A neighbor kid, can have just as much potential to turn their behavior and thinking around as your own and do good. Yet we tend to condemn the neighbor kid with our words verses condemning their actions. Our behavior can reflect such judgment and that kid won't choose to hear us even if we have good suggestion for them to help them and they can stay locked into bad behavior even if they shroud that behavior from you which happens too often.

This, condemning a person and saying we don't like them verses their actions, is especial true when it comes to fellow adults. We see happen like with a cheating mate who was once a trusted partner in life or a gossiping liar who was once a close confidant. Have you heard someone say I hate him or her over such things? Its what a person says or does or thinks that changes our feelings toward them and people have had so much pressure, difficulties, unfairness and unresolved hidden sadness in their lives that can create unbalanced thinking that results sometimes in selfish, hurtful actions often not truly meant to be malicious just selfish and with contemplation of consequences. Why is this little point so important because you can't forgive someone if you hate them... You can only forgive someone if you separate them from their actions and dislike or if you prefer hate their actions but not them. Forgiving, does not mean you necessarily want them back in your life, or that if they did harm they shouldn't be held responsible. Forgiving simply means you grant them the room to choose to do better, think better and be better though still condemning their actions and set you own mind free to move on. we all need mercy and forgiveness at times, wouldn't you agree. By forgiving them we set ourselves free to end the looping negative thoughts and self talk that consume time and suck the joy out of life and keep us stuck. More healing happens quicker when we forgive the person while still condemn their actions. Take a snap shot of what you or someone else has done that is bad because its a fact. Then strip your emotions of it and let it just be a fact in you past no longer licensed to occupy you. Put the picture away in a box in your mind and live your life without the looping anger our guilt do better be better and allow yourself to be happy. CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) ) and do good things to lift others despite our personal preferences.

We encourage good work ethics, and values as we open the door for each person to be helped regardless of home life conditions and/or current educational accomplishments so everyone can strive to reach their greatest successes in school, life and carrier... As this process continues we observe children and adults maximizes their ability to think positive, be positive, make positive decisions with their and others futures in mind and become or stay contributors to society instead of tax burdens or worse actually seek to take their own lives or harm others. We seek out natural and specialized products which create more calm, clarity, and copping without drugs. One of these specialized non drug products we use has 26 clinical studies. Below, you can hear just one mothers outstanding results for her son who got off of 5 prescriptions used to help him function. If you want to read more about the special non-drug product or order some please us the link provided here. It works for adults just as well thus its allowing us to help Veterans quickly move away from the edge and dependency on prescriptions drugs and sedation to a fuller functioning normalized balenced solid place where they can Laugh Without Grief and enjoy their life again with their loved ones.

GIVE AMERICA ITS BEST FUTURE EVER!! Children and adults can all be ambassador for the CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement. All you have to do, to be an ambassador; is encourage others to join you and simply choose to behave a little better throughout every day, forgive more quickly, yourself and others, remain positive even in controversy, and seek to encourage others around you to always strive to do the most right thing and choose to do the opposite of the negative thoughts that come to all our minds.... It will be quite fun to see the positive changes we make in our lives and the lives of others around us even the ground we stand on and earth and Animals living here will benefit and then we can help the world CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP).

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YouthHealth USA Inc.

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Our great country is facing some serious challenges among many youth and families. All of America's children deserve our whole nations help and participation to turn this crisis around especially those of our veterans in trouble and our Fallen Protectors children, be they children of military, fire, law enforcement, first responders and etc.. In these Fallen Protectors case, by no fault of their own, they have lost a loving parent in the process of protecting all of us and our way of life. We should ask ourselves what have we individually done to help these children of our heroes to grow up safe protected and equipped for success? We all have an obligation to do better and be better and give America and its kids their best future ever. The good news is its not too late to stand up for all children and our country to face this responsibility as a united family instead of sitting back complaining, pointing a finger of blame or waiting for others like our governments or an ill prepared parent to fix it as we watch the challenges and burdens just get bigger on all our shoulders. If CBS, NBC and ABC can leave their differences behind and come together for breast cancer research; how much more so, should all of us leave our differences behind and come together for America and all it's youth?

We believe wide spread positive attitudes, empowerment in education and family values tied to good work ethics can make any country stronger... Why not America? Why not Now? Why would any good business or good person say no to helping Americas' children receive the tools and support they need so they can lift each other up and build a better America for themselves and all of us? Do you want to say YES to a better America and be part of the solution? We all can vote yes by our actions, we can all do better and be better and when we do that makes us part of the solution. YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement encourages us all to start forgiving ourselves and others more quickly, be more respectful, positive, patient, tolerant, compassionate, kind and loving, laugh more loud, have more fun and do something unselfish everyday as part of helping build a less judgmental, more successful, hard working, stable and beautiful AMERICA for yourself and all kids to grow up in. We would ask you also to take a few minutes to see what effect the mentoring that the (C2BP) Movement supplies for free can have on children all across America as it reshape lives for the better. Do something positive and

Click below to listen to our Ambassador "Judge Ronald A. Wilson" speak about mentoring. He had over 400 foster brothers and sisters, He latter was adopted and had 22 brothers and sisters. He sees from his own life the need in our country to unite as a family and help all kids "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" and receive free of charge the tools and mentoring they need to succeed! He is so passionate about expanding his ability to help he recently changed carriers to more full support our movement promote the value of mentoring

In many respects, our nation is at the crossroads of major economic, cultural and social development.

YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) Movement, besides developing tools that help all of us and especially children to open up and communicate more honestly with ourselves and others so children develop better attitudes and decision making skills as they come to value their lives, their country and their futures even more. We have invested over half a million dollars in just developing special and unique English and Math tools that can improve a child's confidence when needed by raising their ability in math and English as much as three grade levels in just 12 hrs. We included other key tools in our kits such as a product that is sweeping the nation and creating a writing revolution Steven Spivey's Writing Express. This tool trains kids how to express who they are through the written language, a skill that has been mostly lost in our technological age. It is so advanced yet simple that as a tool it has the power to help kids just learning to but two sentence together up to adults who are prolific writers.

To help us accomplish this enormous task we are harnessing America's senior citizen power and others volunteers and organizations available across America who have time to help which allows us to cover the whole country more uniformly and quickly. This qualified army of volunteers, backed by YouthHealth USA's CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) tools and Movement creates a unified, effective and efficient way to help all children in America stay pointed toward greater successes in school and life regardless of their location or family make-up. We keep track of and connect mentors with those needing or wanting help and this gives our volunteers constant purpose. In time we expect to monetarily supplement some senior citizens and other tutors and mentors if they need it as a valuable part of helping stabilize Americas long term economy.

We are encouraging businesses and individuals to join the CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE Movement to help us stimulate the hearts and minds of our countries youth to enable them to achieve better values, filled with determination, compassion, coping ability, love, calm, clarity, hard work, stability, and positive attitudes so each person can make better decisions with their future and with that of others in mind. This movement is opening the path to what America is starving for; greater success in community harmony, family life, education, and work ethics regardless of what challenges life tosses in an individual’s path. As we step up and share in this important responsibility we will be making life better for all of us and inspire more individuals to become and remain taxpaying, positive, contributors to society throughout their lives. This is how we GIVE AMERICA ITS BEST FUTURE EVER! Help us help its youth! Wouldn't you or your business want to be a part of helping kids and making this goal come true? We can do this

We all know that our future lies in our youth, so the better their values, behavior, and education, the better the future will be for them and us all. So to raise those bars everywhere in this is an enormous challenge that must be addressed and the more support we have financial to supply the tools needed quicker we can get this done and dramatically reduce the economic weight of the things we can change like kids and others dropping out of school and life. We are inviting young and old to pitch in and help this country come together over our youth and help them make America stronger and better than ever! YouthHealth USA is approved to give out Continuing Education Units which means we can use our programs in public and private schools, thus enabling us to provide needed support regardless of challenges that may exist in a child's home life. We also aid those who have passed high school age and are in need of an educational boost and/or mentoring support so they can make better decisions and contribute more to their own lives and our country. Thank you for your support! Give America its best future ever join the movement and help us get this done! You can vote yes today with a contribution and spread the word by encouraging others to join the UNSTOPPABLE CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) GENRATION and movement. TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE THE RIGHT DIFFERANCES THAT WILL LAST LIFETIMES!

YouthHealth USA is built, not to compete with other quality programs but as an umbrella that unites and supports all positive youth benefiting projects, schools, programs, and businesses We are inviting input from all sources as we are working on building the fun and exciting and motivating official CHOOSE2BPositive (C2BP) site.

As the word spreads about the CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) movement and we work together as a nation, we will succeed at helping all our nation's children have a better future. Do you want to see that happen for the children in your life? We adapt our tools in consideration of unique sub groups of youth. For example; Our specific project "LAUGH WITHOUT GRIEF" is built to support America's Fallen Protectors kids to be able to cope, feel safe and be happy. We support them on to a path toward adulthood without grief, full of hope, success and dreams coming true which is what their lost parent would do and now is the obligation of all us fellow Americans to assist with for these children of our lost heroes, be they fire, military, first responders etc.. By contributing today you show you appreciate their loss and sacrifice. Please add "For LWG" in the message with your contribution if you want it all applied to Laugh Without Grief. It means a lot to them no matter what you can contribute; so just do what you can and we thank you in their behalf.

Help 3 million kids CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE in just 3 years!

Invest in Americas future through us today and be an important part of the (C2BP) Movement. a solution helping children develop positive attitudes, good values and ethics which helps them to think and reason better and make better decision opening the way for all children and young adults to realize their fullest potential in educational, carrier and family life success. By contributing today you are helping America and it's youth build America's brightest future ever!

HELP LIFT AMERICA CLICK the "Contribute Now" button and Let's all CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

YouthHealth USA has identified several sample demographics, especially among our youth, that are in urgent need of life skills resources. We equip children with these resources for free that empowers them to make BETTER DECISIONS for the rest of their lives, and all within just weeks!! These results occur regardless of a child's current living situation! This means nearly every child in America can be helped to have a better life and contribute to BUILDING A BETTER AMERICA and WORLD for themselves and all of us!!

YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement provides life skill resources that overcome such things as:


These challenges and stress lead to unnecessary self-destructive behavior for many potentially amazing young people. Together we can change all these negatives using our "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) Movement's tools. America's youth are dealing with many issues broken families, depression, ADHD, rampant bullying, disrespect, peer pressure, unbridled rage, lack of motivation, drugs, alcohol, gangs, sex, sense of entitlement to just name a few. OUR YOUTH IN AMERICA ARE IN TROUBLE!

Message From The Executive Team

Our hearts and efforts go out to all Americans especial the young innocent children who are victims of peer pressure, bullying, depression, broken and dysfunctional families, drugs, gangs, attempted suicide, alcohol abuse, poverty, illiteracy, isolation, rage, sexual abuse, anger, sheer destructive hate and more including the extreme and shattering cases of young precious lives taken by other, at-risk youth. (For example, the Columbine High School Massacre, the inconceivable Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Kelley Elementary Shooting, and the Virginia Tech shooting.) These were all preventable calamities that affect us all.

We see the serious need to not neglect some of our hardest hit youth groups such as aging out foster children and the children of veterans suffering PTSD and fallen American Protectors children be they, Fire, Law Enforcement, Veterans and other first responders. These little heroes have lost a parent, by no fault of their own, in the line of duty protecting all of us and our way of life! Why are they not being supported by all of us? Even if we don't believe in war, these children's loss of a parent is not their fault. And these young Adults and veterans under stress have earned all our support. How can we stand by while they suffer when they can be helped? I can't believe even one veteran is homeless but there are 100's of thousandsYH USA's (C2BP) Movement has a program "LAUGH WITHOUT GRIEF" which is dedicated to these special, unique and often confused, distressed and struggling kids and families. Many feel disconnected and unimportant and some even contemplate suicide. All children deserve to feel and see the love and support of fellow Americans, especially these

Our safety has been guaranteed by their families sacrifice. We must not let their children be forgotten and we cannot allow their children to grow up without support, love and guidance which they may need to flourish. "It takes a village to raise a child" its not a one day event.. What happens after the memorial? and after a little pit of time? who remembers? In in Arizona 19 young fire fighters as part of a HOT SHOT team died fighting a fire while all together.. They left behind 55 kids... Most will be affected for many years to come. Do we forget them? or do we help them? Think about the number of Fallen Veterans over the past 15 years. As part of the village, it's your job to help raise the children of those villagers who secured your safety and prosperity as long as you live in America. YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement, is calling on all Americans to help us so we can deliver ongoing uncommon, support, tools, hope and laughter to these unique and often-overlooked Children as well as all others in trouble

Truly we can NO LONGER IGNORE our domestic problem as a divided society or continue putting Band-Aids on the issues or leaving them for another day or generation. We are at a point of urgency and we have a neutral, non political and reliable path that includes working tools, stagnates and ideas that allow America to work together to do the RIGHT THING and help all America's children and young adults succeed We have been laying the ground work for over 25 years o have something smart enough, big enough, fun enough, and simple enough, fast enough as an overall Idea and solution to get the enormous job faced of dropouts in America we are creating POSITIVE GROUND ROOTS MOVEMENT THAT IS WORKING NOW AND WILL GET THE JOB DONE!

Invest in this country’s future. Contribute to YouthHealth USA's "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" (C2BP) Movement, and let's all start being more positive!!

Once these aspects improve in children, their future becomes limitless. We have created proven and highly acclaimed duplicable programs that work amazingly well and are backed up by years of qualified data. The programs are very simple to train and are easy to administer. In addition, they are proven to have a nearly zero percent resistance rate by the youth and adults exposed to them. The amazing changes in attitude and desires brought on by these gifts of help allows us to witness a young person go from extreme acts of rage and abuse to respect and valuing authority. Yes, it's true! A unique advantage about these programs is they work effectively to assist adults in challenge, too. This allows us to create positive changes for some of the most deserving Americans' veterans and their families. These veterans have put their personal lives on hold to fight for all of us in America. They face immense stresses which no one should be expected to navigate without help. Our programs help also those often forgotten by our society-the imprisoned populations of youth and adults. By providing them with new tools for thinking and decision making and creating alternatives, we spawn new determination and desires for them so that when they return to society they live full and honorable lives allowing them to become contributors to society.

Exciting as these times are, we need to work together as a socially aware society more than ever to prevent avoidable problems and improve well-being for all.

The changes our programs create in young people will affect all aspects of their lives including school, work, family and social activities. We are eager to continue to provide YouthHealth USA's programs FREE of charge to benefit youth and young adults nationwide. When supplied our tools family members and others volunteer to set aside time from their busy schedules to aid in America's hope for the future, our precious youth. All of us recognize it is vitally important that we never give up on helping our youth to get on the right track and stick to it. This can be aided by utilizing skills gained from the programs that YouthHealth USA provides.

All of us benefit from developing higher life-skill resources, moral values, and day-to-day relationship skill sets. These characteristics will help create greater life opportunities, self respect, and increased respect for others!

It is our mission to continue to provide our positive life value building kits and books for FREE to those who wish to help both successful and troubled youth!

Many households simply cannot squeeze in the cost or time for therapists programs yet these families often need it the most. This is why we will continue to supply our kits free of charge. Today it is more important than ever to continue this mission and the expansion of it. We are already looking for more volunteers and avenues to fully fund the necessary training, books, and study materials that are required to achieve this ongoing task. If you would like to help, please let us know. We look to expand the gift of "CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE" Movement and programs like YHUSA Therapeutic Story Telling to a much broader base of communities, but that depends on people like you who are willing to volunteer time, money, or information. We help our elderly too help our youth and in turn they have great purpose and reward. We are excited to develop new tools for mass distribution that effectively help and sponsored kids as part of our movement.

I am pleased to be associated with YouthHealth USA and the various projects it promotes in association with community partners.

Judging by the past accomplishments of its members, associates and consultants, I am confident that the young people of our nation will be well served in the years to come. I am particularly enthusiastic about YouthHealth USA's ongoing vision to have young people involved in genuine decision-making aspects of its operations. This is not only in line with federal and state policy, but also demonstrates that the organization values the contributions that young people can make to our society as a whole. YouthHealth USA was founded with an open arms policy so it could form robust partnerships with other successful organizations to achieve many common vital goals for our youth and our nation's moral well being. This kind of collaboration will minimize fragmentation of well-intentioned efforts, and mobilize the kind of momentum needed to achieve excellence on all fronts in a more timely fashion. Our program enables us to provide an opportunity to open the minds of all those participating, so they are more apt to take advantage of the many valuable life advancing programs that exist within our organization, the government, and many other wonderful organizations who help individuals with many aspects of life. It all adds to the current and future hope and development of positive life values.

We encourage open communication, mutual respect, honesty, and the personal dignifying of oneself and others including authority figures. We focus on healthier relationship building, respect, and desire for higher education. We support health management including exercise and healthy eating. We promote going green as a lifestyle. We point toward being financially responsible early on which leads to solid credit and debt management, home ownership, small business ownership, and retirement planning. Our goal is to create a path of continuous contribution to our society allowing life to be better for all. All of this comes by creating a spirit of hope and optimism. This happens only when positive life skills are developed! This is what YouthHealth USA is all about.

Many uses and examples of the success of YouthHealth USA's style therapeutic storytelling programs and tools can be found all around the world. In New Zealand the programs have has become a credible key part of that nation's reversal of very high trends of kids at risk. The results speak for themselves.

It has continued to yield great benefits in helping youth while continuing to evolve and improve. Therefore, we are staying current with our youth's advancements. The results? Higher living values for those who participate.

In turn, it's easy to see how having more youth benefit from these positive programs will help reverse the increasing trends towards a declining functionality and will begin a steady trend of improvement. We are seeing great results. When clinically used, this occurs at a rate far superior to comparable but outdated programs. Most of us would agree every incremental change for the better in the attitudes of our young adults is a good thing. YouthHealth USA partnered with others to help put together a powerful self help program CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE using tools in free kits that can be used by non-professionals as very effective life changing tool. These kits can be distributed at an extremely low cost. Let's build a better America today. We can help so many now while intelligently building a better world tomorrow.

When a professionally trained facilitator administers these programs we expect to see a 90 to near 100% improvement in attitude and behavior. This is great and amazing feat; however, we can only reach a limited number of youth in a fixed time period. We are partnering with other great sources to help place our kits, free of charge, to all the kids and families who need it most. Our goal is to distribute three million kits and provide support to all the recipients so they can be on the path to success. We see measured improvement of 70-85% in attitudes and positive decision making abilities of 92% of the kids who participate. So it doesn't take imagination to see how the campaign will cause a compounding momentum to lift millions more children. Our nation will be drastically and positively changed! Would that be something you want to be a part of?

We will see CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE become popular in social media, on buttons, hats, shirts, posters, movies, and games dedicated to such hope. The possibility and the impact on our society will be amazing and those 3 million kids will affect 30 million more and so on, and we can help BUILD A BETTER AMERICA and WORLD for all of us!

HELP LIFT AMERICA CLICK the "Contribute Now" button and Let's all CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE!

Please mail checks to:
YouthHealth USA Inc.
20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy B104-366
Maricopa, AZ 85139

YouthHealth USA has already donated the use of homes for foster care transition programs. These programs assist young people toward successful independent living as they age. This removes a big burden from our government programs and gives the kids living values and living tools such as banking, check writing, creating and balancing budgets, goal setting, credit respect, resume assistance, and work ethics. Also, we continue to provide free mentoring support any time they want or need as long as they want.

We agree with many studies that show nutrition plays an important role in brain health thus mental health. In many poorer communities nutrition can play a role in a child's learning ability. With stress and peer pressure diet and brain nutrition can be compromised even in affluent communities and yet be over looked as a part of the cause of bad behavior. We don't ignore these realities and look for smart affordable answers like one that Marc Wilson supplies. Marc, is a two time Super Bowl ring earner as a quarterback of the Raiders. He loves people especially kids and has invested his time and them money to open paths to help people need. Marc, bought the rights for distribution of a vitamin/mineral product developed in Canada that has 26 clinical studies done in multiple countries revealing its effectiveness in resulting in more calm, clarity and copping ability the 3C's. Thus more happy and who can't benefit from more happy. This unique natural mineral/vitamin combo is proven to help even more deeply challenged kids and adults who deal with depression, ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia and even PTSD. His product is documented to effectively improved behavior to the point that often sedating and physically damaging drugs are no longer needed and a person can live a more normalized life while using just the mineral/vitamin product. Visit to read about the product

We recognize that we have the tools to help young and old alike to develop increasingly honorable life values.

We also have a similar program that was designed with the help of the organization, “Young New Zealanders Foundation” for children under nine years of age. These life value lessons lead to lowering bullying, rebellion, anger, suicide, and illiteracy while exposing a more cooperative personality. These unique tools support healthier and stronger family/community units to develop. This in turn builds productive cities and states, and it stabilizes our nation at its core! Let's make life better for all support the (C2BP) CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE campaign.

The time to act is now! Please CHOOSE2BPOSITIVE (C2BP) and help support youth, returning veterans, and other young people so they can all help build a stronger, more united, and stable America for all of us.


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